Jarryd Hayne

Does anyone have an update on what Jarryd Hayne is up to these days? Apart from the obvious...

Does he look like playing the game again in any form?


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  • Last read he was residing in Perth.

    • Ok thanks

  • Still stuck in his dreams.

  • Probably out biting vaginas, Sutski.

    • Snake I think what Jarryd Hayne needs right now is some guidance  and wisdom from Pop's,. If anyome can show Jarryd how to go through life without showing any shame for shamless behaviour it's the great Pop's. 

      • Guidance and Wisdom my son.....Francis, I am very happy to make my services available to you.

        In saying that can I say since your last dose of therapy I think you have improved out of sight. Your BA affliction seems to have passed and I note you are now aknowledging the teams performance with a semblance of respect.

        With regards to Jarryd's legal dispute, I am sure that when it is dismissed you will lead the chorus for the infringement on his rights and stealing the last 2 years of his life....I note De Bellin looks to be in a positive position with his case as well, with the likelihood of it being dismissed...... don't be surprised that something similar might happen with Jarryd.

        I noted a comment on here with respect to De Bellin's case saying  "but but" the prosecution says they have a very strong case.....could you imagine anything the prosecution could say that would not comply with that. 

        If both cases were open and shut, there is no doubt that plea delals and the like would have been done. Both have very capable lawyers and barristers. 

        Personally I believe if the prosecution cannot get them to court within 12 months then the cases should be closed. We then may have a situation where people make decisions in our legal systems and the huge back log in legal cases and costs that cripples everything.... especially in the "family court structure" which is totally unjust to the male in many cases. That is not saying males are not guilty in cases, but where DV has not taken place the handling of these cases is deplorable.

        Now Francis thanks for asking!

  • WTF is Jarryd Hayne?

    • Simple question cock 

      • Indeed, but you couldn't answer the question, Nimwad.


  • Court matter was adjourned until November as he insisted on a trial by Jury and they postponed being able to get a Jury until November.  With the way things are going with Covid it may well get adjourned again.


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