• I was listening to Bellyache today talking on Hadley's show about how they develop players. You either fit in to their system and their way of thinking, or they move you on quick smart. Hard to see Roberts fitting into that system given his very poor track record off field. He wouldn't even get past their coffee interview they do initially I reckon.

  • Absolutely no way!

  • Depends on price. 

    • Free is too expensive.


  • If he was Fit an dealt with his issues then he would be a cheap and exciing replacement for Jennings.

    If the Eels could get the Fox as well, they could have Guth, Fox , Roberts, Blake or Fergo and Sivo in their backline and that would be prety exciting 

  • Lots of positives, but it also comes with a few negatives. 

  • We need speed and he and JAC would certainly add that.

    His head is busted, though.

    Maybe put Gower's head on Roberts and he'd be okay.

    • The thing is, we want to maintain our place in the top 4 and there arnt alot of quality strike centres on the market. As much as people might complain about Roberts and everyone else for that matter, the fact is Souths woul still be paying a chunk of his contract so we would get him cheap.  

      • He would be the most expensive runner for the kicking Tee in the comp - not worth much else imo.

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