• Yep. We have to have the speed inside JAC (if he comes). A loose canon surrounded by other loose canons gets even worse but when surrounded by grounded people has no choice but to become more grounded. Sign him for 1 year with Souths paying some freight. Don't forget that if Hayne's trial goes in his favour we have him back to play centre in 2021. All 3 if possible please

    • Hayne won't play for Parra again, nor should he. Apart from being on rape charges, he hasn't done anything of note in RL for almost 7 years. He got the coach sacked at the GC, came to us and we got the spoon. Yeah nah, let's give Hayne another shot.

  • On match payments why not 

  • Nope, due to the no dick head policy

  • No thanks. We already have one centre who cant tackle...we dont need another

  • A few years back I was a massive yes. 
    Now I'm a massive no.

    Absolute trouble and all we will end up having are dramas - we don't need that.

  • If Wayne Bennett has given up on him as he did with Darius Boyd he's reached his use by date !

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Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur replied to brissyeel's discussion Cartwright training with Spud Carroll
"He's a western Sydney boy so we should just claim him. Even if he played for Manly."
2 minutes ago
Mitchy replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion Parramatta Eels 2021 Draw
"Time will tell what happens there, and yes we need something good. Are easts better off ? who knows? and Melb too."
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Rabz S replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion Parramatta Eels 2021 Draw
"There is a rumour Hayne will be MJs replacement if he gets off.
I personally doubt it, but stranger things have happened."
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Mr Analyst loves Rugbah Leeg replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion Parramatta Eels 2021 Draw
"I'm really worried that Jennings centre position hasn't been fixed up. It's gonna be a long season. Remember though BA needs to get to the GF qualifier to appease the masses. I just can't see it happening, sorry."
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