Jakob Arthur interview

I keep hearing about his interview with JT. Can anyone please post a video? I can't find one anywhere. Cheers. 

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  • In case you havent seen it yet.


    Arthur: The boys put a lot of faith in me
    Jake Arthur speaks to Channel Nine following the Eels' win over the Sea Eagles.
  •  Thanks Manshoon! 

  • This, this right here was what I was talking about the other day when I was saying the Eels were lacking DNA.

    Here's a kid who has not had an easy few weeks, he's copped it left/right/centre from a vocal minority of "fans". And the kid can't wipe the smile off of his face as he tries to get more advice on his game from JT.

    He not only loves footy, but he genuinely loves the Eels. This is his dream job, even if he's only ever an understudy.

    We need more players this excited to play for the Eels. We need more footy nerds who live and breathe the game and the club. He may never be an X-Factor player, but not everyone needs to be. It's great to see someone who has pride in the jersey, and I hope more of our juniors are this excited to be a part of the club. Good on you JA!

    I dare you to watch this whole video and not have a big smile on your face. Genuinely impossible.

    • Well said mate

    • Captain, I thought of your post when watching this interview live.

      It was brillaint. No matter what people think of Jake or Brads ability, this was the most refreshing & inspiring interview i've seen from any of our current players. As you said, you cannot see that and not smile. His response around asking JT for pointers was sensational.

      As you said, we need more of this passion & genuine love for our club & the game.


  • SACK JA!

    • LOL never change Snake. 🤣

  • Someone said he may end up similar to a to an Issaia Yeo type ball playing lock. I really think that's his future position

    • Yep hope so.

  • No matter what, this kid is a good charactered one - JTs comments to him were real good too, spoke to him with complete understanding. Hope his 2 TAs help his confidence much...make his tackles and have fun :)

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