Jackson Hastings

Jackson had a great game over the weekend taking his side Salford to the final game and is in line for the man of steel award in the English Super League.

He strikes me as the perfect player to have on the bench to give Mahoney a break but can also cover many positions in the backline, would be a excellent acquisition to Parra but may cost a bit.

what do you think? Yes or No?

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  • Hastings was always a very good player,a bit of a smart urse but a little bit of that in a half back doesn’t go astray 

  • MR Analyst :NO ! Finoto! The big story out of that game is that Lee Mossop scored a try for Salford! Is he the Mossop who "played" for the Eels? He was slower than a wet week in the few games he had for the Eels some years ago. He would be slower still now. Also Kristan Inu played on the wing! for Salford and kicked 8 goals from 8 attempts. Inu would be as old as his boyhood mate J Hayne. Inu lost his go and pace years ago. What is he doing on the wing? The game must have been at NRL reserve grade standard which would explain the so called  "great game of Hastings. Wenty probably could have beaten them. I wonder did Salford have some outside agent to help them beat Wigan, one of the favorites to win their competition?

  • Hastings has signed with Wigan for next year and has declared himself available for England so id forget about him

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