JA deserves our cheers


ONE player who should be getting a universal cheer from the entire NRL this round is Mitchell Moses’ halfback replacement at Parramatta, young Jakob Arthur.

And what some of those nasty Eels fans who booed him recently should also understand is that no one plays NRL unless they are a bloody good footballer.

To do it as a 19-year-old halfback is just exceptional.

Arthur was booed by a small section of his own fans when his name came up on the big screen before the game against Brisbane at CommBank Stadium, and again when he ran on to the field in the second half.

But for his dad to put his faith in him to be next man up to replace Moses at such a critical time in Parramatta’s season shows what faith not only Brad Arthur but the entire team must have in this young bloke, who is said to have an incredible work ethic.

I really hope he goes out against the Sea Eagles on Friday night and has a blinder at 4 Pines Park.

Any parent would be proud, and not just because he is the coach’s son.

But because he has had the guts and determination to chase his dream regardless of who his father is.

From The Daily Telegraph 

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  • I would never boo him but I won't cheer him until he earns it. You could argue his first grade debut game was his best in first grade to date, where is the improvement?.

    • I think that is a fair call HKF, do not boo him but in terms of cheering when his name is called, you cheer but keep the cheer to a minimum unlike say Moses who gets a roar, you earn that roar.

  • Another Riccio rant?

  • We don't need Jake to win us the game. We need him to do a job.

    If he can chime in with some flair, it should silence most of the knockers.

    • Agree 100%. Dylan Brown as our most experienced half on the paddock needs to step up. He needs to be involved for 80 minutes. 

      Against the Riff he got involved for 20 minutes, and then went quiet for 60 minutes. He needs to attack down his side more often, also slide to the right and probe for weakness in the defence.

      Let Reed and Jake do most of the kicking, kick early. Gutho and Dylan use the ball.

  • Lets see where these journalists are if we lose 3 in a row with JA there.

    I'm not saying that i would every boo the kid but all these journalists know that the crowd was really booing Brad for picking a player that most believe should not be picked as a utility in front of other players with more experience and skillset.

    Parramatta eels sells papers and creates clicks

    • Ahh blaming the other players - not JA or BA watch 

  • Lol another nothing article by a BA cheerleader...JA will be judged on his performance and what he contributes towards the team - so a  small section booed JA big deal! Interesting none of these commentators can have sensible discussion about JA rise to FG, did he feature is any elite junior team like NSW SOO U18 or Aus school boys? Is the kid of NRL standard? All reasonable discussion points - one thing is abvious, journos are obsessed with protecting thier relationships and don't take on issues that seem to be controversial.

    • He'll be judged on his performance - so why is he being booed before the game and when he runs on the field? I haven't seen a journalist yet that hasn't said that him being booed isn't a disgace and that the people doing it are morons. Yet, there's morons on here that actually think it's all good, seen some say they'd boo him if they were there. He played NSW CCC and led his team to the statewide championship, apparently that's easy to do and he obviously played no part whatsoever in their successful season - and guided by a Panthers coach at school with no connection to the Eels whatsoever.

      • A small section booed the kid  ( most agree it's in poor taste) it comes with the territory and BA accepts this fact it's simply not a story - there is a footballer in JA, the NSW cup stats do count for something but unfortunately do not translate into fitting in or being comfortable in the top grade which takes time  JA apprenticeship should have been longer.

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