So the Roosters have now lost Latrell, who was set to earn $800'000 with the Roosters and now have no time or players available on the open market to replace him, and by default they will play this year $800'000 under the salary cap and they are still pre comp favourites for premiers. Can this be right ? Then to make things even worse for other clubs the $800'000 they save this year "ie front load 2021 contracts" means they will effectively free up and be able to spend an extra 1.6million on players next year.

If my calculations are right, F@$k they sure know how to handle their salary cap better then most, ringing true what Greenburg said at the end of last season in the media, when pretending to release all the clubs salary cap numbers etc. "The Roosters are the best at managing the cap." or similar.

God knows how this could be right....... and the NRL wonder why fans are fed up about the salary cap.

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  • I read it was $700k for this season, the $800k was for 2021 and beyond. they have already payed him around $120k for this season so that would have them about $580k left not $800k.

    • Thanks H, that makes more sense - so they are half a million under the cap or there abouts meaning next year they have the $580 from this year and the $800 they were going to pay him next year. So thats $1.38 million for 2021 that they will have to add to the current squad . And they are still favourites this year.

      • From what I heard, when they withdrew their 800K offer to Latrell for 2021 onwards, they used it to up contracts of some other players as well as retain JWH. The rumour was that they were going to lose JWH if Latrell stayed.

      • They may be favourites to win it this year but they won't, they are going through some big changes roster wise with key positions and have just come off history making babk to back premierships in which they only just fell over the line, they are done for now imo.

  • Josh ada Carr with be a rooster by the end of the week

  • They are changing their name to The Monkeys.

    Everyone's playing for peanuts!!


    • Yeah Badge thats my point. It just really shows up when they loose a star on coin and are still considered favourites for the title.

  • Funny isn't it, when they sign someone it's  always apparently for "unders" (which is against previous NRL precedents anyway, think Eels and Kingston and Eels and Folau), yet when they release said player they're all of a sudden on massive coin. It's complete BS, the roosters are well over the cap and Greenebrg is the only one that's convinced himself it's all above board. Sack the useless bald prick for farks sake 

    • Yep, the game's a rort .

      I have a mate who played for the Broncos and he refuses to watch the NRL.
      A cousin who played NRL only reasonably recently also has no interest. Says it all really.
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