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      • LOL

      • Yep, he will play origin in the near furture. FFS, give the kids a chance.  Plays with ticker!

  • he may not be signed by nick read on...the top rorter, may lose players.

    Roosters’ $3m talent will be hard to keep: Politis

    Uncle Nick concedes Roosters could be in danger of losing some of their star players.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 06: Roosters Chairman Nick Politis celebrates with James Tedesco of the Roosters after the 2019 NRL Grand Final match between the Canberra Raiders and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on October 06, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)


    Roosters boss Nick Politis acknowledges his club will struggle to keep the crux of their grand final winning team with rival clubs circling.

    Centres Joey Manu and Latrell Mitchell along with the likes of Siosiua Taukeiaho, Brett Morris, Nat Butcher and Mitchell Aubusson are all off-contract in 2020.

    The other 15 NRL clubs are able to officially lodge offers for 2021 as of November 1.

    It’s being reported Manu is most likely to stay, which will be a big boost for the Tricolours.

    Cooper Cronk’s retirement and the likely exit of Zane Tetevano will free up much-needed salary cap space, along with Aubusson retiring when his one-year deal concludes after the 2020 season.

    Politis admits he faces a battle to keep all of his players after next season.

    “We obviously want to keep a winning team together, who wouldn’t?” Politis told 

    “But it is really hard with the salary cap.

    “Every year we lose a couple. Next year Cooper goes and in our salary cap a few guys will be bumped up and deservedly so.

    “For next year we’re all but locked up but the year after we do have six or seven guys coming off-contract (in 2020).

    “We don’t want to lose anybody, but players will get big offers, and sometimes we’re not able to match it.”

    Co-captain Jake Friend isn’t going anywhere according to Politis even after rookie Sam Verrills’ solid finish to the year in the No.9 jersey.

    “He’s getting married next year, he’s got business opportunities around the area, ask anyone, Jake’s the heart and soul of this club.”

    However, Mitchell’s next contract has been heavily reported on in the media this past season though it seems he will re-sign with the Roosters in the coming months.

    The increase in salaries for some players will mean others will be squeezed out.

    “It’s happened regularly, we’ve got players at plenty of clubs, they’ve gone elsewhere, they’re doing well and earning more money, so good luck to them,” Politis said.

    “There’s a whole team of Roosters players who have gone on and are doing well.”

    “Players only have a limited lifespan in football, you can’t begrudge someone earning what they can while they can.”

    James Cusack, Author at Zero Tackle
  • He has to up grade Cummings and Sutton as well  poor ole Uncle Nick 

    • He’s struggling, he’s down to his last 1.3 billion 

  • I am convinced that they will not lose anybody. They may let a few backup players go so that they can sign some more youngsters from clubs like Penrith and Eels but they will not lose any quality 

    If you look just at their centres, arguably the two best in the Nrl. Then you look at Tedesco, Keary, Toupou, JWH and Cordner how many of these will go

    Talk about Aubusson he will likely go end of 2020 but his career will be over by then and he would be one of the lowest paid.

    Will they lose Verrils or will they keep he and Friend. No doubt about Nick he knows how to stroke the media 

  • I think Andrew Davey could fill Manu Mau position 

    Davey is 106kg and has been very good for wenty this year, has great foot work and an offload.

    have Faaniga as a back up

    also would sign Tyrell Fuimaono who’s an ex eels Jr

    who can play 2nd row and centre is at 98kg be a very handy back up

    Ryan Matterson would be my first choice to replace Mau but.

    options above would be handy as well.

    • Ray Stone is 180cm(5'11) 95 kg not 85 kg.A similar size to many modern forwards. He has aggression in defence which we lack. Worth a go.

      • Seth, I hit the wrong key when I put Stone at 85kg and not 95.  In the comparison of the players being mentioned Stone was not far off other players.

        If he was to bulk up or strengthen his body overall, and I did make a comparison elsewhere of Ray to the size of ex eel Kenny Edwards who is same height but comes in around the 105kg mark, also the down size with some players bulking up is well seen in how the extra muscle and weight affected Alvaro this season.

        Rather than simple weight and muscle build up, the big need is for strengthening his body overall.

    • I've only seen Davey a couple of times and has played fairly consistantly in each game.

      With the eels taking over the Wenty squad & not sure what's going to happen with Wenty as a comment was made in their last game by the match calllers that the eels replace Wenty, I was under the impression that Wenty would stay in the comp and it would mean an odd number thus a bye would come back in rather than no game rounds.

      I would think that by November 1 that the club would be close to settling on which players in that squad and still not signed, Davey could be a steadying player there, Fainga'a is a current development player as is Stefano and they should be given primary contracts though, Stefano is not under contract for next year though but he should be.

      Tyrell Fuimaono, is a player that is like the old pies at ANZ, where you are doing well if you get a hot one whereas mostly they are just warm. A player that showed potential and in some ways a lesser brand than Ryan Matterson who has kicked on where Fuimaono has stayed warm, he's basically failed at three NRL clubs now, Chooks, Souths and Penrith, a bit old for a develoipment contract though.

      There is still apparently some undercurrent at STG regarding Frizell and with some news out that seems to indicate the De Belin issue has caused more problems for the players & club than is being made public seems he and Frizell may have been close.

      As for Matterson, I would like to see him back at the club, but seems Wests are trying to work things out between him and the coach.

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