• Hes a very good lock. But plays more of a middle style. I dont think they thought radley was going to kick on like he has. I dont think we need him but hes a great player and wouldnt be disapointed. 

  • I have not seen him really, or noticed him.  Looking at his profile he's hardly much bigger than Ray Stone, and he has been given a years extension.

    I see the biggest need is a replacement for Ma'u, someone of the same aggression and can play for at least 60 minutes.

  • I’ve noticed him and thought he was outstanding last couple of weeks. Works his butt off non stop! 

    he’d be a goody.

    • Same size as Ma’u?

      • Ha don’t know about that John? There will only be one Manu for me tho coz he loved the BnG with passion :)

        • Butcher 184cm, 97kg, Mau 184cm 103KG.

          • Close .

            Ma’u looked bigger this year.  I loved the moment this year when he stood his ground against Klemmer. I thought that moment told everything you needed to know about Mau 

            • Agree on both counts!

              • Very very true.  Hard aspect is replacing Manu,  Looking at Ray Stone he comes in at 185 Tall and 85Kg, looking to Ryan Matterston 193CM and 103Kg, if we are looking at 2nd row compare Shaune Lane in the mix at 198Cm and 110kg, Matterson comes the closest as far as matching/even size compared to the others.

                I only see Stone as a utility but for his size he adds toughness, just need to see him injury free for a season and the confidence that would give him.

                • I see alot of potential in Stone, but he needs to build up!

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