Interesting times

NRL newcomers the Dolphins are growing increasingly confident in their chase for star Parramatta five-eighth Dylan Brown, potentially giving Wayne Bennett the dream halves partnership of the future.

The talk is the Dolphins will go in excess of $1-million-a-season to tempt the Kiwi star away from Parramatta, which is way more than the Eels are prepared to pay to keep Brown.

The other concern for the Eels is that potentially losing Mitchell Moses would also make it more temping for Brown to leave, especially on the back of the recent exit of gun dummy half Reed Mahoney to the Bulldogs.

There is now no doubt that Parramatta’s hopes of putting to bed the contract circus won’t drag on well into the New Year.

And the growing fear is it could ultimately end up costing the 2022 NRL grand finalists it’s two biggest stars.

But for Bennett it could end up the key signing the Dolphins have been sweating on all year after copping it for all the players they have missed out on.

Wayne Bennett’s Dolphins are circling Dylan Brown, and are confident they will get their man.

Bennett is not only a massive fan of the star Kiwi five-eighth, but he already has gun teenager Isaiya Katoa locked away as the Dolphins’ long-term No.7.

Katoa is widely considered the most dominant young playmaker emerging in the game, with the Penrith junior recently playing for Tonga at the World Cup.

Given Brown is still only 22, it would give the NRL’s newest franchise a massive foundation for years to come.

Meanwhile, Moses stands to pocket as much as $1.4 million-a-season to sign with Wests Tigers, which would make him the highest paid player in the game.

And while the Bulldogs won’t go that big, they are said to be willing to go to well over the reported $1m-a-season the Eels are currently prepared to pay to keep their star halfback.

The other potential factor in all this is that the Dogs are also closing in on signing Penrith centre Stephen Crichton to play fullback.

Securing Moses would complete a star-studded spine when you throw in Mahoney at hooker and Matt Burton at five-eighth.

But where that would potentially leave Parramatta is in a world of hurt.

It is understood Moses’ camp has told the Tigers and Dogs he will let them know his answer one way or another by Christmas.

And while Brown is not expected to make his final decision until closer to the start of the new season in March, the longer it drags out the more it puts Parramatta in an unenviable position




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            • So you go off the journos not saying 8-9 clubs are after him but they mention a mill per season and now DB isn't loyal to the club and doesn't give a fark about the club.Have you ever heard DB openly come out and say he's out for the money because I haven't.

              Now which part of the media spin is BS or are you choosing to look at onething.I'll say this I guarantee you if DB doesn't resign with Parra teams will be lining up to sign him lining up.There will be no shortage of interest.You can mark that down.

              It can't be all about the dollar it's got to be about winning if you aren't winning what's the point.If you win and play on a team winning the money takes care of itself.

              My ex rugby teammates son left 600 K on the table over 3 yrs to stay at Melbourne while turning down the Warriors because he understood he'd progress more as a player at the Storm on and off the field.

  • We shouldn't match the Tigers at $1.4M. That's a massive over reaction from a club that's desperate after being so bad for so long. I can't see the Eels keeping either Moses or Brown if these offers are legit so the question becomes what does the 2024 squad look like. 

    I feel the club will take a gamble on some unproven but promising players. It tends to be what we do. ONeill must be a demon at the Christmas sale bargain bins. It worked out for the sharks though with Nico Hynes, $600k a year seems like a bargain now but was considered overs at the time. 

    I've no doubt JA is  being ear marked ready for the halves by 2024. BA would know he's not ready now, but desperately hoping he comes good. Expecting plenty of game time for him next year. 


    • JA has no hope of getting better if he is on the bench for first grade, he has to play 7 in reserve grade. 

      • Don't disagree, 5 minutes a game in first grade makes little sense for any upcoming half. 

      • BA knows he won't make it as number 7.....but on the bench covering 'few positions' has BA convinced he can.

      • Well he really has no chance because ultimately the kid has zero talent... 

        He's had a rails run and wouldn't even get picked in Reggie's in at least 14/15 other NRL clubs and many can see it.

  • This is the thing if either guy goes there going to a worse situation and probably won't see fruition for at least 2-3 years.

    If money is the only reason why your going then your going for the wrong reason.

    In a nrl career opportunity is and can be a rear occurrence if your DB or MM especially the latter has been paid well pretty much his whole career id suggest he'd take less to maximise the best situation.With DB it's slightly different but for him if he continues to ascend the money will always be there as potentially dependent on length of a deal he still has 2-3 paydays left.

    For both our halves the opportunity and window is at Parra over any of the mentioned sides who are willing to splash the coin.

    As for the Bennett influence it will be fleeting as Woolf is being groomed would DB pick the latter over BA im not so sure.

    • MM at the Dogs or Tigers will make them stronger then Parra in my opinion. Maybe we will find out.

      No doubt Parra know what sort of money both have been offered, and have made there own decent offer.

      Iam starting to think both will go for the big money, especially Dylan who has said his goal is to be a million dollar player. 

      • 100% it'll make them stronger but  they aren't in a position to win the comp though this is the thing.Moses definitely makes them better no doubt but enough to win he comp no chance.

        This is what I'm getting at with both our halves going else where the teams mentioned having the most interest there's no chance there winning a comp there in 24.

        Where as if they take less here the window to win is definitely here for the next however long they sign for.

    • If money is the only reason why your going then your going for the wrong reason. , 💯 There has be a point of difference to offer, people can say TPA are the difference that's false they play a small part in contracts 

This reply was deleted.

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