Note: for whatever reason this may bring out the ugly in the people. I have no interest in causing a stir. No negativity please. I'm only sharing as I know some here genuinely care and have an interest.


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                • ok so it makes sense now why this is close to your heart.

                  I respect what you are doing and think its great mate, more the power to you.

                  Indiginous people can be very talented tradesmen and craftsmen or anything they apply themselves to, youd know that a lot better than me, no doubt youve found a few great talents.

                  They sound lucky to have you in their lives, and vice versa.

                  I respect that.


                  • Appreciate that. 

                    And not tradesmen. Businessmen and woman. 

                    • Hold on, are you even allowed to take on interns in a sex doll business?

                      Hope they are over 16?


                    • Ha.

                      Ah, makes sense. You live near the cross and part of the people you're helping are the sex dolls. Are you one of those guys who have emotions for them and treat them like living beings? Sharice, Betty B, Sheryl and Anita are not real Snake. Wake up!

                • What area of work are you in? You say that, in the area of work you are in, Indigenous people with talent (in that area of work) are discriminated against so i'm interested to know what industry you work in?

                  • Ive just had a tip he might be a pimp Kram, running a high end escort agency.


                    • I would seriously like to know what industry this discrimination supposedly exists in.

                      I'm not too sure that, in the corporate world at least, there is any such discrimination - I've certainly never seen it.

                      He says "And not tradesmen. Business men and wom(e)n"

                    • Amongst other things, we have acknowledged that there is a lack of indigenous talent represented in our industry. Discrimination plays its role and most students are discouraged to enter our field.

                      Your industry may be different to mine, but how many indigenous people do you know in your corporate world? How many have leadership positions? 

                    • Plenty. I'm an aeronautic engineer. My company designs in-production performance upgrades for a specific manufacturer for a specific engine family. So I work in the aviation industry. There are no indigenous people at my business, but that's not a result of any discrimination, you need a very specific aquired skill set. 

                      But, I have worked in the aviation industry for 30 years and I can assure you there is no discrimination at any level in any part of the industry - quite the opposite. I have never witnessed and don't believe there is discrimination in any of the peripheral industries either (and there are many dozens of them).

                      As I said, what field are you in? -  where "most (indigenous) students" are discouraged to enter? I'm genuinely interested.

                    • My company is desperate to get more minorities on board, especially aboriginal people. It's a huge benefit for winning government contracts.

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