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IMPORTANT: IP Address Monitoring/Banning

I just wanted to let everyone know that the underlying platform for 1Eyed Eel has just introduced IP address monitoring and banning.

This has a couple of implications. Firstly, I'll be able to identify if your using multiple profiles. Secondly, if you get suspended or banned it will be at an IP address level. Thirdly, if you make defamatory or threatening comments and someone wants to make an issue of it now, there's a good chance you'll be able to be tracked down.

I have no intention or time to go crawling through IP address trying to identify those people using multiple profiles and it's not something that particularly concerns me. HOWEVER, if I believe a profile is a fake and has simply been set-up for the purposes of harassment or other behaviour that contravenes the code of conduct, I do reserve the right to do an IP search. And do realise that if you are banned from here-on it, it is going to be far more difficult to get back in.

Secondly, if you make any comments that are defamatory in nature, and I get a request from the police or other such authority, then your IP address will be able to identified. 

I'm going to add this to the Code of Conduct information, so as all people are aware because I think its important people realise that they may not be as anonymous as they were previously.

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  • Phil, Can you at least look up and tell us who Crapper is??????? unless its your alter ego :)

    This should make things more transparent so I'm all for it.

    Thanks for the update.

  • Well done Phil. Donnsta and I will certainly refrain from harrassing anybody from now on.
    • I've already reported you two to Phil...

      I always thought there were similarities, but you always seemed a bit nicer to me than Donnsta so I couldn't be sure.

  • Sinbad and Wiz are the same identity, Fishy told me..........
    • Not correct -  I said that Sinbad, Wiz and me are all actually you, HH....

  • Great move Phil! I was just wondering the other day if this was possible. Good luck trolls!

  • Good stuff Phil, this should keep the trolls at bay.


  • snake and donnsta are the same person - serious!

  • I thought there would be more than five people reply to this in the first hour....

    Maybe they're busy deleting accounts or setting up new ones at their friends place :)

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