• Frank you usurping old mongrel you finally are reprinting what I have been saying for YEARS.

          I will be speaking to my solicotors about suing you for plagiarism

          The only reason you have cottoned onto this is because we no longer have those painfully slow pedestrian sweeps to the left or the right to distract you.

          I see now why your missus says, "Don't give Frank more than one thing to think about during a discussion."

          • Haha......Sorry Col, I miss judged you - you must've had eyes painted on the back of your head and you've must be taking advantage of 1eyed eels new Braille function.

            I've always thought we played the same tactically regardless of opposition. Even Ray Charles knows that Parra always played like that under BA. When we start playing differently I'll let you know.

            • I remeber ONE game Frank when we actually kicked early to turn the opposition around and won it.

              Of course a couple of players got dropped for the next week but it did happen.

  • I would hire an assistant coach who specialises in attack. 

  • Loosen up, use the Storm game as an opportunity to run new plays, as one other blogger noted, make every tackle count, not up for 5 then kick a Hail Mary bomb

    As our defence, and fitness appear as good as have been for many years, as a stop gap, kick early, and often to the goal posts and tackle relentlessly, removing open field, and limiting the angles that teams like the Storm run to so well.  This may not improve our right side defence, but gives more time to cover, and more pressure on the other side to not make a mistake 

    Gutherson to run to the line more, D Brown running off him, Moses focusing more on his kicking game, and taking the line on more  




  • If I were Brad Arthur I would show I still had some human decency left AND QUIT for the greater good of the game, club, team and fans.

  • I would maybe play matto as a ball playing lock to add another dimension and maybe Nbrown a edge forward to help out that right side defence and attack, maybe even drop Waqa for 1 game and put Taka there just to see if there is any improvement.

    • I think there is a chance that Sivo could make way for Waqar Blake and Taka come into the centres.

      If so what would be interesting how much change there would be in opportunities for Ferguson.

    • LMFAO - "ball playing" and Matto in the same sentence - ripper Rita.

      Replace Lane with Taka would be my pick.

      Replace Matto with Davey.

      Once upon a time Matto was a fair ball player - seems he now sees himself as some sort of Messiah who should not be allowed to be tackled. He has absolutely NO vision of what is happening outside him.

      The number of times I have had to replace my TV when he actually opens up a bit of space then steps back into the defence to die with the ball is incalculable.

      THAT is what is really pissing me orf with him atm - he can open space but kills his own creativity in the same move.

      Lane has become worse and LAZY. Watched him wandering around in circles the other night asking his team mates what was happening.

      Giving the ball to either of these two is stoopidity to the MAX, and part of why Moses and D Brown are struggling. Just cut them out and watch what may happen.

  • Just for a start i'm playing a back up 9 every week. Either Rhys Davis or Jai Field with someone else moving closer to the middle in defence if its Jai, possibly Dylan Brown. Even if its just for 10 mins.

    Reed doesnt run enough. His kicking game and energy are great, and he's making 50 tackles a week. Im giving him a short spell and giving us another option. If he's going to put Takas on the bench and not play him or Ray Stone and give him 5 mins, then surely this oprion is better. Its a hard one because Reed definately adds a lot to the team but I feel like he's really clogging our attack with how we ask him to play. Continual long passes against rushing defence and on slippery surfaces got to go.

    We need more bodies in motion , especially bringing the ball out from our own end. Sivo and Ferguson are just hitting it up one out into the teeth of the defence. 

    Defensively Fergo has to improve. He's running in and guessing rather than sticking within the structure. Our defensive system asks the centres to answer a lot of questions and the winger to support them. Fergy is leaving Waqa posted. If Waqa comes up and in, the inside defenders cover out the back. Fergy is regularly out of the stucture. He is having a very poor season so far.


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