• Hi Brad. Pretty sure you should come up with some ideas mate.

  • A few things.

    Firstly, DO NOT PASS THE BALL TO ANYONE STANDING STILL. This is a running game. If the bloke outside you is not running then go yourself or pass it to someone who IS running. 20 metre passes to someone who is NOT running boggles my mind.

    Wingers stay on your man and call for the inside men to shuffle across to make up the numbers.

    CATCH THE HIGH BALL ON THE FULL. DON"T LET IT BOUNCE. Is someone yelling out "let it bounce" or is someone yelling out "catch it"

    Do not race up out of the line in defence. Keep it straight and move up together, fast, in one straight line. Cover defence just behind of course coming from the other side of the field to where the ball is.

    That will do for a start.

    • .....and who threw that ridiclous harbour bridge floater to Sivo when a torpedo pass would have seen him score? Again....Sivo was standing still when he caught it. DO NOT PASS TO A STATIONARY PLAYER...EVER!!


    • That's a very good analysis. Have a look at the Storm when they attack. They have players all around the ball carrier especially a very quick fullback. They do not tolerate one out running. The Eels are specialist in the old 5 up the guts and one out plays and for something different how about a pass to an inside runner ? 
      It's all so bloody predictable and won't win too many games of footy these days. Ask questions of the opposition on EVERY play. EVERY play means something ! 

      • Agree FH... said something similar in another blog. Especially when inside the attacking 20 we seem to only have a mentality of getting to the 5th to then try a kick - be it high to a corner or grubber for a chaser or repeat set. The issue is that it's ONLY on the 5th... without fail. We seem to be rushing through 4 plays with no intent other than to get through them.

        Picture say a penalty tap or set restart on the 20 or thereabouts... the Storm, Roosters, Panthers will hit one up, then fire a shot - set play - inside ball for fullback, quick short pass forward to forward, decoy play - whatever. If that doesn't work... another settler then bang - another shot. That doesn't work - ok - 5th tackle option, but a well rehearsed one.

        Us in the same scenario - hitup, another one, another one, 20m pass backwards for a single outside back to run half the field across and back, to offload to one on the other side to come back and do the same... maybe the full width slightly backwards play is broken up once in a while with a handoff to a big tired forward who is standing still... who hits it up with no impact. It's very much like watching U7's play.

        I've never seen another side for years who seems to trigger a switch when they reach a line on the field and operate in such a clueless fashion... even if our play is slick and high speed in the lead up and further downfield, doesn't matter, cross the 20 and we're lost.

    • Very good points and I agree.

  • Tell Ferguson to stop been caught out by rushing one out and stay with his opponent,  quicker play the balls, put pressure on the kicker, they have way too much time. and rush up in defence.

  • Fix our right side attack. 
    It currently goes 20m pass Mahoney to Moses. This long pass means we're already starting to run out of room. 
    Moses then runs sideways - by this time Matterson is out of play, Blake and Ferguson are standing next to each other. 
    Moses passes to Blake who gets easily handled. 
    Enough of the overs plays. Play direct, run unders. We may actually create space which would be a nice change in 2020. 

    • True... and the reason why Fergo hasn't crossed this year.

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