From round 18 onwards - With the current top 6 playing against 2 and 4 top 6 squads + a scattering of Sharks, Knights, Panthers, Cowboys, Dragons, Warriors, Tigers & Broncos who are all still vying for a top 8 spot or fighting to stay in it, our boys are only playing Manly away & at home, Knights @ home, Warriors @ home, Dragons away, Titans away, Bulldogs @ home, Broncos away, so I'm upping the ante on Brett by saying that if our boys do not get in between top 2 and top 6, Brad Arthur must be sacked. You've heard it here first. Do you agree Fong and Snake??  This is the real test of Brad Arthur's worth as a NRL coach. There is no better test than this one to keep or not keep Brad Arthur as our 2020 coach and onwards. All the cards are stacked in our favour. What do you say Brad? 



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  • No too harsh for me . I think making the semi finals is good enough to earn BA respect for 2020 and even not making the 8 could still , it depends on circumstances occurring between now and then .The team has been laughed at here by some as no chance of making semis this year . Manly has it tough with 2 x each of eels and Storm to play !!! Manly are going to have to produce their very best to stay in the 8 by round 25 .What a test  for Parra this weekend will be !!! Losing however does not mean the end of Parra as we have easier rounds to play after this weekends Manly away game.

    • Exactly! People who said we were a bottom 4 team are the same people who won’t give ba credit for getting us in the 8 and the same people who talk up des at manly even though we are equal with them and des inherited a team of rep players while we had none at the start of the year hahah anyway top 6 here we come

      • I've never, ever been an anti brad promoter but if he does not get our squad above top 7 this season, as far as I'm concerned he is out.  I've wholeheartedly supported Brad Arthur throughout all his tenanacy until that horrific annihilation came about at the hands of Storm @ Suncorp earlier this season. That game did it for me. Brad has to now prove to me that he really is the real deal and that our club is finally moving away from that dreadful losers, I don't really give a fuck, mentally weak culture that has infected our club since 1987.  I'll never forget the big game losses v Dogs 1998 Storm 1999, Knights 2001, Cowboys 2005, Storm 2006-2009 and Storm 2017 (though refs cheated in that game). 


    • If Brad can't get the confidence of that mental toughnes required out of our current squad and crack at least top 6 then he ain't good enough to persist with. With toughness, composure, etc, we need consistency and finally a complete breaking away from the extreme up and down patterns our NRL squad has been delivering since probably 1987. The past 33 years of being lost in the wilderness while searching and without ever finding that prized scalp of a NRL premiership must finally come to an end now, set aside by a new era of Eels domination. All Eels fans want this now and nothing less. 

  • Please, get a life!

  • Why are you asking Fong and Snake? We've won 3 in a row, haven't seen them lately.....


    • Because of their extreme anti-brad propoganda campaigns and my offerings to appease them - where all the pro and anti BA forumites come together in a final and united determination, with or without BA for next season, a ONE VOICE (so to speak) moving on with our club towards greater times together 2019-2020-2021-2022-2023-2024-2025-2026-2027-2028-2029..........  . 

  • The Eels finished as wooden spooners last season so I think BA has done more than enough to keep his job. People on this site really need something else to talk about, Every blog seems to end with sacking BA. Enjoy the season we are having, It feels so much better to be positive.

    • The challenge of raising Brad's bar is critical for our NRL squad/squads ability to finally move away from second best.

      We are all still to witness the evidence that a real change in our culture has finally occurred and our club has conquered and put to bed this very sick mental weakness that's been running rampant through our club since 1987.

      Brad is being paid to get our club to number 1 and that is all that matters.

      Everything else, sentiments and all are irrelevant and insignificant.

      All Eels fans are just too conditioned and accustomed to being a losing club and this must be remedied THIS SEASON and onwards.

      Brad now has the right platform/foundation to launch our 2019 squad and arrive to at least 6th spot on the ladder, and the higher we go up the ladder this season, the greater the beatings we have been dishing out to our oppositions and the more we are doing the grinding work required when games are close, is the clear evidence of this piss weak culture finally dying off.

      This is what I want to see this year because from there, it shows we are really progressing away from 2nd best.

      I'm all ok about being beaten by a classier squad but I'm not ok about our squad going into such games with a 2nd best attitude.

      I wan't to see that our boys will go beyond the physical pain of extreme battles and not die wondering. As fans we are here to applaud the valour of our boys and everything else less than this is NOT acceptable,

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