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If Gutherson decides to leave and go back to the silver tails and settle to play out of position for a club that didn't want him so be it. 

If this happens he must move before June 30.  Move Fergo to 1 and bring in Gennings to the wing. 

Would we lose that much? Huh based on our results not that much.

We would save money and get a DWZ or someone else. 

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  • So disruptive 

    I could not have fathomed this fiasco ( should it occur) to destabilise our season . Truly dissapointing 

    • Carls i hate to say it but its all your fault and you know it.

      Every player that you direct sexual energy to's career starts going down the tube at the club.

      Look at poor Fozzy and Will Smith, poor buggers.

      • Snake 

        my sexual energy is powerful , I will not deny 

        but can I clarify , once again , there has been NONE directed guthos way . 

        I hate beards !!! 

        I take no responsibility here 

        • Gutho told me he grew the beard to try and deflect your sexual energy but the force was too strong, now look at him.

          • Gold 

            yes I’m a skywalker 

            • 2563313743?profile=original

              He said he is working on this look.

    • Yeah I was pissed off with Peni at the start of the season thinking that may de-rail our season, I dream of those days now.

      • Peni 


  • How about you just have some patience, wait a few days, and see what happens before you start posting “what if’s “. Ffs this is getting tedious. No more Gutherson contract blogs would be awesome! Emotions are running high here and everyone is going on like a News Limited germ. Leave it to the parasites why don’t ya?! 

    • Agree... 

      Just stating if.  I for one want him to stay, but if he does go I don't want to be at Parra Stadium with our captain being booed. 

      I would he move on

This reply was deleted.

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