Idea,s on how we beat storm ?

Dirty bastards as we know . Will be a delight to see smith frustrated and smith under fire and bellamy getting the shits , how do we do that ? 

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    • Parramatta2: I agree entirely with what you say about 2017. It still gives me a pain in the stomach. Interesting plan, tank against the Storm, and be fresh against Souths! Not game enough to proffer an opinion on that.

  • my game plan for the storm

    1. Kick early when in our own half for the first couple of sets. Being a big semi final game the storm will be fired up and rushing of there line. Kick the ball on 3rd and 4th tackle to negate the initial intensity in there defence then hit them hard. Make there forwards turn early.

    2. In attack I would be promoting the offload amongst the forwards and attacking brenko Lee on the spread. He's probe to misreading the play in defence and it could cause an overlap.

    3. I would be kicking strictly to papenhuyzen. adocar and vunivalu return the ball with alot of energy. Papenhuyzen punches above his weight but he is a verry light body. Our big forwards easily out weight him and can drive him back and fold him easy.

    4. Storm defence like to rush up on the edges similar to our wingers and centers. A kick in behind the line like what gutho was doing against tigers would be effective. But gutho cannot over use the kick other wise it will be an easy read. Like what happened against tigers. At first it was effective but then over playing it makes it predictable.

    5. There is no doubt 100% that they are going to attack waqa and Fergo for most of the game. These two need to have a defensive effort like they had against Penrith in the first half. Storm are going to predict waqa to come up rushing and Fergo to leave his man unmarked. I would encourage waqa and Fergo to slide in defence as opposed to there usual rushing defence.

    6.Jennings needs to communicate with sivo and guide him to stay on his winger.

    7. Gutho as a captain cannot let Smith dictate terms to the ref. If Smith brings up a point with the ref gutho needs to question the ref for falling under Smith's pressure. Gutho needs to put pressure on the ref for set restarts if we are not getting them. Constantly nagging at the ref for set restarts for any indiscretions in the play the ball then questioning him when we don't get it.

    8.Storm get alot of power from there bench. If I was BA I would be benching one of our starting forwards to match the storm. Maybe start Evans and Davey then bring on RCG, lane and nuikore. This tactic ties in with the early kick play in point1 as there starting forwards would tire just before our monsters come on from the bench.

    Main thing is to basically with stand any onslaught with early kicks dragging papenhuyzen backwards and break up there defence with unstructured offloading and ball playing ability. Matching there bench rotation and exposing there rushing defence. While being defensively sound yourself with out the usual defensive mistakes by the likes of sivo, Blake, Fergo. 

  • Stop defending like under 7's

  • Keep the ball away from them, slow them down with dominate defence, play the ball quick. Use our second phase attack & watch out flanks, they are very quick out wide. 

  • Lol, looks like everyone is coaching the coach lol, not a good look for BA.!!!


  • Against the tigers Gutherson put in a few grubbers.  I think he was experimenting for this game. We might see a few on Saturday. Something different.

    • A few too many 

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