• 22-14 Parra, Gutherson masterclass.

    v Penrith in GF.

  • Love your enthusiasm!

    I'll back your score prediction with Ice as Man on the Match.

    Let's do it!!

    • mr motion , iam currently  in their territory  ( townsville  city ) unbelievable buzz everywhere,  hot humid this morning  , but i reckon  will  cool down  by this evening,  not a religious person but iam kinda preying for this victory and for all us long suffering supporters....yesss ! please go the eels

      • Awesome stuff, Christeel. Do you live there or up there for the game?

        Current forecast is for 24 degrees at kick off. Light breeze from the north. Humidity is sitting relatively low at 44% and should drop over the course of the evening. Should be good conditions for some fast flowing footy!


        • Mr PM, I just checked the Bureau of Meterology site and @8pm on Sept 21 and 22 the RELATIVE humidity was 80-84 (for the 8-10pm range), due to a dew point in the low 20's. So we can probably expect a relative humidity level near 80%. 

          Though I do see RE @44% at Noon Fri 23 and the dew point is lower by 5 pts than it has been at Noon the last few days. Maybe there is some hope the RE might be in the 70's and not 80+?

          BOM Townsville update Here:

          • Thanks Prof. Daz. Does that mean the humidity historically rises of an evening in Nth QLD? Living in Newcastle, it's not a phenomenon that I have observed down here.

            I know this can be exacerbated by cloud cover and lack of wind. Fingers crossed it's not too steamy for the boys tonight.

            Can't wait!


        • passing through back to briz bane

  • If we win the gf, Shaun Lane to get CC medal.

    There's a bit of a smoky.

    • A few have brought up that bet RAM, if that is the case he will be on the plane for the WC.

  • 22-18 Parra victory V Cows

    18-14 Parra V Penrith (GF) Then rename Commbank to "The Arthur's Club" & build a statue of the Arthurs so the parra pigieons have somewhere to sit. 

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