I saw your lights on and just thought I'd drop in.

Hi guys, been reading the forum for a while and just thought I should drop in and say hello. Yep, I'm another old bloke, I have been around long enough to witness all the Eels Premierships and old enough to have played at both the old Cumberland Oval and the old Parramatta Stadium (when it was the new stadium).  I actually had the plese ure of working with and playing with a couple of old Parra eels Players in Steve (wacker) Williams and  another forward wh'se suranme was Mann (Buggered if I can remember his christian name). I have been an Eels tragic for far to long, and while they haven't found a cure for being an eels tragic as yet, the new medication I'm on is working a treat and I haven't smashed the home television for at least 18 months (much to my wifes delight).

I'll do my best to try and add some balanced comments to the posts from now on.

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  • Not a great start you demented old fart.

    Phil Mann?

    I'll do my best to try and add some balanced comments to the posts from now on


    Old fart memes | quickmeme

    • If it was Bruce Mann he's really old. 

  • There is no cure. I find making soup a good way to stay sane much cheaper than smashing the tv. 

  • Welcome aboard the madhouse. 

  • No, not Phil Mann, he was a fullback. There was another Mann at Parra around about the same time a forward. I think he actually went from the Eels to the Bronco's and very shortly afterwards just disappeared.

    • Welcome old fella, just be weary of the sites shameless one Pop's, he has a history on this site that would make your denture adhesive curd. 

      • Oh! Francis really!

        This old gentleman does not need to be aware of the shameless one yet......let him digest the two silliest old bastards,  Sir Col and Slugg...before we  get to the gut wrenchers.

        Welcome to the nursing home but only as a guest until Sir Col  reviews your original application.... I think JWM is a bit to slick a name for us "spohisticates"......how does "old bastard" sound.....if you make a really big impression you can put "a silly"  in front of it.

        "denture adhesive curd"" ....that's a pretty good one Frankie !!

        PS Lookout for Hector.....he has an evil twin!

        • We really are good not evil .Mmmmmmm I think we are but not sure maybe sometimes.any way welcome 

  • Hey buddy :)


  • I told you that new medication was working.Lets try John Mann, an ex Rugby player, played for the eels in 1977 and 1978.

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