When we hit rock bottom last year BA was gone for all money...... I think we can all agree on that. I was a long term BA supporter but I had turned against him because of what I saw as flagrant nepotism to Jake. I started off thinking he was an ok fill in, but it quickly became obvious he was not up to first grade level. It was with particulat interest when he was back in reggies that I watched his game to see how he had developed. He was hopeless and the next week he was in first grade filling in for Dyllan I think.

When our fortunes looked like they were at rock bottom, we revived and had a great end to the season.

I was not convinced that BA engineered the revival as much as the players, who had given up in a few games, Manly, Souths, Easts come to mind......I then rationalised what maybe were their thoughts, ( I stress maybe, how could anyone know). I believed they realised that a number of them had contracts coming due and they needed to pull their finger out. I also accept that Mahoney, Moses and both Browns had injuries through this period but that is not to say the attitude amongst the players was a happy one!

I can remember blogging at the time and saying that consciously they may have not personalised BA's actions but maybe subconsciously thay had. They all knew notwithstanding the rhetoric that Jake was not up to it, despite his initial good game.

They had played all year chasing the collision, little to emphasis on attack and match plans that were so boring it was tedious. Hardly anything inspiring about BA's work.

I am now suggesting whilst there was not a player conspiracy but deep down each and every player would have been asking do we want to be here playing with BA again ,,,,,when considering the various offers and maybe commentary be given to the clubs they were negotiating with......

Yes I am saying the loyalty that I question about our players may never have been the difference of staying or leaving, once the offers started coming.

This turns out to be an attack on BA but I am not sure that is what I want, but I can't help smelling something like this when trying to rationalise the disloyalty I now see.

The manager maybe an arsehole, there doesn't seem much doubt about that but the other critiques are just sour grapes on our part i.e attacking and hating anything that dares to be taken as our property.

These players are leaving and I think confidentially the exiting players and maybe a couple of others should be interviewed confidentially by the CEO and have the question asked, do you think all the players are particularly loyal to BA,,,,,, maybe they will have enough loyalty left to tell the truth?

Sorry, I thought of this, so I wrote it.

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  • It wasn't me 

    • No, it wasn't Slugg, your a nice smelling pig......but could you turn your arse the other way.

  • Nice write up mate, and I agree with all.

    I much prefer you using (and reading) your intelligent and fine literary skills to deliver such messages, rather than wasting your time lecturing Bert.


    • Thank you Bert but you and Wiz are like my children.....loves you both, Wiz is unbelievably intelligent as are you but like all children you need lecturing.....do you notice people are very wary of doing that? Lol

  • Should probably ask BA wether he thinks the recruiting system is up to scratch.


  • pops I agree that the ba sentiment around loyalty is not as high as many have thought and the way the team played, void of any attacking strategy may have contributed to the thoughts around the future success of the team.

    It really seems like a bash and barge BA system is risky with the rising concern around concussion, players may be seeking a better strategized game plan can put them at lesser risk. The collision idea noticeably fatigues the players towards the end of season.

    Also I'm not sure if the Gutherson as captain factor has anything to do with this but many have pointed out his lack of maturity on field and also during this and previous contract negotiations . 

    • I don't accept that argument re Gutherson at all. 

      The loyalty factor I will respomd through Mutt's post as it delves at where I am coming from.

  • People are confusing the re-signing of BA as some attempt to get everyone to stay for unders. I don't see it that way at all. 
    We had two choices at the end of 2021 season. Hire a new Coach or re-sign BA. In the absence of a realistic alternative we  signed BA. What was needed was stability via either BA or a proven Coach. A rookie is exactly what we didn't want. So BA got extended. So what? No one knows the details of his contract. Can he be removed without penalty, how much is he earning? What are his payout options? No one here knows that. 
    Out of every who needed to be signed BA is actually the most disposable. He can be replaced on a whim. So having him as Coach really only says to players 'this is where the club is headed and this is your Coach'. No player would sign not knowing who the Coach was. 
    But that doesn't mean BA will see out his contract. It doesn't mean players were going to sign for less. It was merely the most pragmatic move we could make. 
    Mahoney leaving is not BA's fault. 

    • Your reply here Mutts is another tangent and not where I was trying to come from. i.e. I am not blaming anyone for leaving in a direct sense, only what causes could have taken place for what I regard as a lack of loyalty. Also I am not arguing any of the points you have made. I came like you to the same conclusion that we had no better alternative than BA by the end of the season.

      My theory is "pure" supposition and an extension of how I see human physcology play out in some ways.

      I am prepared to say that no player set out to leave as much as the type of arguments they were presented with were subconsciously compared to enjoying playing under BA.  Whilst the common denominator was money in all cases, the difference was not enough IMO to justify not being loyal to the incumbent postion.

      So if this supposition of mine is true, what were the reasons/ rationale behind such thinking? One could being influenced by the coach and his intensity and loyalty and then having that undermined by the perceptions of nepotism, a view I would not have given credibility to until seeing just how far out of his depth Jake Arthur was and when alternatives existed he ignored them. I have no doubt that Rankin carried that reserve grade side and improved JA immeasurably. People argue Rankin was only there as a development leader for the team. When we lost Moses the opportunity was there to do a number of things, but they were all ignored, in the first instance justifiably but not after that!

      Parra has a centre of excellence comparable to anyone's once finished, they are a viable and important club who play out of the top rugby league stadium in Sydney. The players welfare would also have to be considered as a high order in the scheme of alternatives, especially when you consider the dogs and tigers and what they offer. Their coaches being a mystery in the process (a true fault in my assumptions).

      My summarised feelings are these players have been influenced by the subconscious influences of playing for BA and the promise of TPA's of some consideration. In Nikurie's case he was badly used by BA, blind freddie could see he would have enhanced our finals position by playing in the centres and yet he still could only get on the bench where most of us thought he had a starting role on the edge. Likewise Waqar Blake was terrible untill the sword of dropping him stood over his head and he grew another leg, he also seemingly was not considered for a wing spot, when everybody but a blind dog knew he couldn't pass a football.

      There must be a reason for all this, we are going to lose 2 years minimum over these exits, having the players with us for the next 12 months (no choice shocking rule by the NRL) will create a real division in the club, I have a deja vu about 2018 coming up.

      Maybe something positive will happen imminently, I hope so, because if we lose Junior as well the team will have an even bigger division in it.


    • Mahoney leaving is not BA's fault.

      And we know this how? For all we know he cant stand the bloke and left as a result. We are closer now to a premiership than any year since 86 so why leave with that chance within his grasp?

      Im certain that money wasnt the only motivating factor here so what else could it be?

      Training facilities?

      Fellow playing group?

      Club board members?

      Fan base?

      Contract length?

      All of the above are addressable and fixable so they arent likely in my eyes....

      If he wanted 4 years and BA wanted him then he would have 4 years.

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