Humble Pie

I've been critical of BA and in most part I stand by it.

But credit to him he's got us here and he's got the best out of this team

I'll never understand the JA selection or bench rotation but we're in the GF and I'll be very happy if BA becomes only the 3rd coach to win a premiership with this club I think we all will. 

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    • Spot on Wiz!

    • That was an immense effort by our boys. Against all the odds. The cowboys played the game of their year against us last night so we had to beat them with so much against us. Look at their stats they were immense and saved their best till last 

      History was against us (no side had beaten the Cowboys in a semi in Townsville) the weather, the majority of fans in the stadium, the majority of the so called experts and not to mention we had 7 days less preparation than them and yet we came over the top. That was a herculian effort.

      Hopefully we pull up ok and lift again for the GF. I don't think we play as poorly in the GF like we did in that first half.


  • Great win by the Eels against the odds. I'm still bit suspicious about Eels 1st try and being a forward pass but it equalled out when Cowboys scored when Moses was taken out. Definitely a very great victory. I think they might face the Bunnies next week. Even if the Eels don't win next weekend it's been Brad Arthur's best year at the Eels. Like you I still don't understand some of his selections. I wonder how much Trent Barrett has contributed over the past few weeks and Ennis

    • The pass by Holmes to Murray Taulagi was more forward  than Moses' pass. No need to be 'suspicious' games over and we are in the big dance 

    • Trent Barret I would say 0 contribution. I think he pretty much is nonexistent 

    • You better make sure Telstra fix your internet for next week so you can watch the game live.

      • I've been onto to Telstra for months but seriously they're so incompetent at times I have doubts if they can actually deliver the 'Telstra Premiership' on time

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      • So Frank do you reckon it was forward or line ball. The commentators ( Voss and Alexander) said it was forward but then Alexander changed his mind and said line ball.

        • I think it was very line ball. So all we have to go off is that the touchy was right there on the spot. 

          Either it was very line ball , OR the NRL wanted us to be in the GF this year.  Maybe the latter. But what I will say is we've been fucking robbed of a GF so many fucking times over the years , the game fucking owed us that one. 

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