How to fix lower back pain

I have just started trying this method and it seems to work quite well. Japanese have a fine history with spinal muscular treatments.

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  • Yer not sure mate, Chinese markets written all over that thoery

    • I have tried many Western practitioners over the years some are good --a lot are  average.

      I have tried this very simple exercise less than 10 minutes and feel quite comfortable with it Shawn----It doesn,t cost anything.The benefit is to train your brain to do these body movement until they become a habit

      This treatment is Japanese based. A friend of mine is a high-grade Martial arts master in an ancient school of this form of self-defense. He speaks very highly of practitioners in this field of therapy.

      I also believe the Chinese are very good at these types of therapies. I think in many ways they are better than the western treatments.


      Try it and see how it works for you regarding correct posturing


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