How the rules become rorted

Two rule changes have been made that are simply unnecessary and and are wrecking the game.

The first is the new strip rule which is being tactically manipulated where players release in a tackle just before the strip occurs. 

The 2nd players signing with other clubs after mid season (June 30) should simply not be allowed. How would you feel if you where the player who misses a grand final to bring in a player who has not even been a part of the team. 

Both of these fail the pub test and should be stopped asap. To men Penrith no longer deserve to win as any win they have comes with a bad smell?

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  • The stripping rule is fine, Rugby League is after all a competition for possession.

    Players moving mid season is common in pro sports the world over. Get used to it. 

    • Yep, ball security isn't that difficult. Learn to hold the ball properly and you won't have it stripped. I don't like the swapping, but it's a business now and that's part of doing business - there's benefits for the club losing the player and for the one gaining them, so we have to grin and bear it. I'm sure if we snared TPJ there may have been a different view from people on it, we're still in the hunt for someone to fill the last spot as it is, so we'll see how that plays out, I'm not going to bag the rule if we benefit from it in the next week and a half.

      • The stripping rule just encourages more wrestling which detracts from the game and the refs are not calling held soon enough when this play is on.

        In terms of players changing clubs it is different if it is long term than if it is just for part of a seasen. The rorting will occur as soon as teams can no longer make the finals and you will see this increasing year on year and leaving a fowl stench over the Grand Final result. It may as well be a state of origin contest on who can attract the best players just before the finals.


        • The stripping rule actually inhibits wrestling because the defender is playing for the ball, not wrestling the player onto his back. I actually think the refs call held far too ealry sometimes. If there is momentum in the tackle the player is not held yet. 

          As for players changing clubs, it will not put a stench of the GF you muppet. This happens in US sport all the time, and no one ever complains about the legitimacy of the eventual champion. It allows teams to fine tune their rosters for the stretch run.

          Apart form the playoffs, my favourite time of the NBA calender is the run up to the trade deadline, which is usually the week after the All Star break, about 2/3 of the way through the season. In the week of the deadline there is all the interest in which teams are buyers and which teams are sellers, what sort of deals can teams make to get them over the hump, or conversely can they dump bad contracts and accumulate assets to retool. It's the dog days of a long season so it can liven up the action a bit for the stretch run.

          One thing NRL teams are going to quickly learn is that quality players with expiring contracts who for whatever reason are out of favour with their current club can be great value as 3 month rentals post Origin.

      • Agree 100% (no Seriously, no sarcasm) Ball security is a thing and too many modern players look up at the ref with sad eyes as a kid does when his sibling steals his lollies, after they are stripped, hold the bloody ball son. The only thing I would say is the ref can call held sooner if 2 -3 defenders are holding the attacker up and are about to have 2 peel off so the one on one strip can be attempted. 

        As for swapping players mid season, oh well if you are a bench player who loses his spot to the new player and misses a GF, well be a better player so you are not dropped, that's life, it is a big boys business and that's life some people succeed more than others. If we had of secured TPJ and BA with his known and recognised no nonsense discipline and expectations of his forwards had turned TPJ into the destructive weapon he can and should be, I am sure all of us would have given this the big thumbs up, even if it meant Lane or another benchie was punted. 

    • No it's not Brett, it's clearly an unfair advantage to the ball carrier - in a one and one situation it's fine and game on, but when you have 2 or 3 players dancing and grappling with you and then they Peel off this is not a fair contest. 

      • Correct

      • It's not unfair, it's up to the ball carrier to secure possession. It only affects players who carry the ball away from their body. If an NFL running back carried the ball the way the average NRL player does, his coach would have conniptions. Rugby League, like any other ball sport, is a contest for possession. Anything that encourages that contest is a good thing, anything that limits that contest is a bad thing.

        They can dance and grapple all they want, but if they are concentrating on the ball, it gives the ball carrier opportunity to gain more post contact metres.

        Only a handful of players are skillful AND strong enough to both tackle the player AND strip him of possession.

  • i think the stripping rule will negatively impact offloads and thus second phase play - which is the exciting bit

    You will not be able enter the tackle thinking pass but hold on tight will be the overwhelming thought.

    • yep completly agree. I think we are already seeing less offloads when a player is in the tackle. I think Paulo is one who in particular has had to change his approach.

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