With our current squad, we are not and we will never have in place for the rest of this season the same defensive and attacking structures the likes of the Storm and the Roosters have in place.

Our only real strengths that can tip the apple cart of the Raiders, Manly, Sharks, Rabbits, Roosters and Storm and win this years Grand Final is to completely tip their sacred defensive and attacking apple carts and the only way we can do this is to not play our game into their hands, and instead, use our 80 minutes of defensive intensity up in their faces, while we add lib as we go for heaps of off loading come second phase plays, playing a very wide, left to right, right to left, left to right, right to left.... expansive game.

The only battle we need to win is the one between the ears of our NRL squad and there is no other battle to be found (concerned about) anywhere else.

If we really want to win the big prize this season, our boys must from now on until the end of this season, be willing to bleed and suffer at all cost for all their team mates, without a care for self-preservation of their bodies from injuries, and be willing to play composed for 80 minutes while dishing out our style of intensity, come legal brutality dished out on to the opposition, both in defence and in attack.

If we do this, our add lib to offload and our willingness to get straight back up in-spite of the immense pain our boys will experience, will create our control over the ruck and from there give our brilliant composed spine the time and space to expose the weak spots in the opposition and pile on the points.

When Fergo is back and with our current backs playing off the back of our composed forwards brutal aggression, we will have the best back line in the NRL to pile on big scores and blow the opposition completely away.

It is time to take the shackles off our boys because at the top of this game-style, no opposition coach or squad can counter such audacity without breaking the rules repeatedly.

Over the coming 8 or 9 games that ends this seasons campaign, we must make sure to rotate some of our players so they can have a weeks rest from the Spartan barrage we are dishing out, which means we need 8 players..... 5 or 6 forwards and 2 to 3 backs coming out of Wenty and from our bench to cover for those players having a planned break and have it all timed so that the final two games of this seasons campaign is fixed on our best top 17 come top 21 and they go on to win this years trophy.

No team is unbeatable - we just do not play into the structured game plans of our oppositions and controlled refs and we play our intense, brutal add-lib game that can't be coached against. This is how we win while entertaining all sports fans joining in on our brilliant end of season spectacle.

It starts this weekend v Knights. We beat them 24+, ideally 40+ and continue rolling along as we did back in 2009.

Can our boys play as good as they did v Storm Melb Final 2017 + the other day v Dragons in defence + v Broncos and the 1st game v Tigers @ Parra Stadium this season and roll it all into one fanfare package????

And lets manufacture thousands of blue and gold t-shirts with large white writing saying, front & back... Eels 2009 Premiers and wear them to all our games ASAP. Why can't we get a group amongst us to pitch in the $$$$ to manufacture these T-Shirts and sell them through this forum and all the profits goes to legally sponsoring our players = TPA's, next season.

Imagine PEOPLE POWER, tens of thousands of Eels fans all around the stadiums saying FUCK YOU (Eels 2009 Premiers) to the NRL-News-Limited crime syndicate operating behind the corruption that stole the 2009 Premiership from us. Are all the cameras and photographers no longer going to pick out the Blue and Gold crowds of Eels fans wearing these T-Shirts.


And under such pressure with all eyes looking more closely at the corruption, just how much will these T-Shirts intimidate the refs and lines men to do the right thing?

What better way than to end this blatant corruption ruining our great game since Super League first appeared. - We wee blatantly cheated by the NRL-News-Limited cartel in the finals, v Storm in Melb 2006, v Storm in Melb 2007, v Storm GF 2009. 

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  • And just get Semi back for the rest of this season. Do what the Dragons did with Gasnier, French Rugby, 2010. We then open up more options for our spine with Gutho there to cover 6 or 7, leaving our big ram rods Sivo, Fergo, Semi, Blake & Jennings to thrust and thrust and thrust and thrust into the oppositions defensive lines and with our forwards, force them back and back while our boys keep piling on the points.

    We have the room and dollars to bring back Semi NOW, so come on Parra, bring back Semi so he can feature in this great 2019 finals spectacle he would love so much to be part of. Who would not want to be part of creating history?

  • We need to improve massively to be up there with Melbourne, manly and roosters. Raiders don't concern me at all but them other 3 are playing shit hot footy and in a league of there own

  • Mental illness is at epidemic levels , the government  need to provide the help the mentally ill need rather than waste money on useless refugees .

    • Everything of "The System" is fiction, predetermined chess pieces of fantasy, illusion and delusion being moved on the black and white board of this mental asylum by the deeply brainwashed inmates, the "wards of the state". You have to already be in line within the walls of this mental asylum to receive the fantorgasmic medication of commercial remuneration that is nothing more than a vampire sucking the blood from all the spell-bound victims, the wards of the state.    

  • 3409633243?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • GO PARRA !!!! ( I got the F... Y... however will we be able to fit the rest of your above paragraph on those T Shirts ? ) Lol .

  • We weren’t 2008 Premiers. Even if the Storm hadn’t cheated the cap it doesn’t necessarily follow thatvwe would’ve beat them.

    • We were in the GF playing Storm who cheated.

      We get the prize no different to athletes on the podium 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 1st gets found out cheating and 2nd becomes 1st and 3rd becomes 2nd and fourth becomes 3rd.

      Also, on the run to the GF, we beat the Storm, Dogs, Sharks, Knights, Warriors, Tigers, Panthers, Dragons, Titans and Dogs. We also beat the Broncos. We did get beat by Manly 14-10 at Brooky Round 10. And Manly was knocked out of the finals by Storm in Melb 40-10. 

      As far as I'm concerned, we are the winners of the 2009 season.   

      • Also, the players don't want to rock the boat - the NRL is their slave master and most fans are used to rank and file obedience and drudgery so they don't want to rock the boat. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. They don't want to be seen as whingers and sore losers when the fact is MELBORNE STORM CHEATED - WE DIDN'T. 

  • http://www.hnehealth.nsw.gov.au/mh/Documents/NG33.pdf


    Is it still R U OK day.

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