In the last day or do  I posted a couple of blogs which were both news articles , one was about the Australian flag being tossed aside like it was merely a piece of shit at a Greens conference and the other was about transgender women being banned from playing in international matches . 


The first blog regarding the flag was very civil even the HOE who is a mod , gentleman and the most level headed member of this site even noted how to his surprise the blog was so civil and without any racist remarks or comments . In fact the the consensus was that it was a act which potentially brought unwanted negative attention to Aboriginals in the the wider community . 


The one common theme in the blog was the greens and lefties being condemned for their continued madness , so enter Super who has long history of pushing his leftie views on the site . Super closed the blog on the grounds that it was a political blog in the off season yet we have had a number of political blogs one being about  the recent elections . 


Make no mistake that the blog was closed purely because it went against Super's lefty views and as many of us know he has a history of doing this , had the blog I posted been pro what the greens had done Super would of allowed the  blog to continue as he also has a history of doing this . 


The blog regarding transgender women being banned from playing in  international games which was also a news article was removed  completely  . The consensus in the blog was that this was the correct and logical decision and this is  why the blog wss removed by Super , like the first blog the actual blog was not the issue the issue was the fact people were condemning lefties and Super Just can't allow that .


Memebers of this site should be highly appreciative someone like HOE as a mod as he totally unbiased , has integrity , is highly likeable and never forces his views on the site and would never shut  or remove a blog because he merely does not agree with a blog .


Now this blog contains nothing offensive ,deogotory or insulting so let's see how long super leaves this open for 

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  • Spot on mate

  • The only person I saw pushing their views was the person posting multiple blogs on topics not related to this footy blog.

    Give it a rest Frankie. If you're seeking validation for your confirmation bias and require help for a circle jerk for your outrage, do it through another site, not 1eyedEel.

    • 10586962687?profile=RESIZE_400x

      • 😂 Excellent selection EE, made me laugh.

  • Salty, butt hurt Roosters fan letting off some steam............ although i love the leftest hate. 

    • Totally agree with you cousin Fong

  • Perhaps you can explain what my bias was Clint and that of everyone who participated in the blog bias was , and trans women being banned from playing in international footy is footy related . 



  • Frankie although I think you are a real cockhead I have to stand with you on this one. 
    i don't like censorship of any kind (excluding censorship of violence and hate). 
    This is a site for Eels fans/supporters however it seems there were people happy to discuss the topic and no reason to bring it to an end.  


  • There are two schools of thought here.
    1) The site is Supers site, so he can manage it however he chooses. If we do not like his management we can go somewhere else. 

    2) With no Eels games this weekend it is fair enough to have non footy blogs even though it is not the off season and Super should stop impersonating a Twitter Moderator and banning anything that goes against his ideology  


  • The way i see it, how often does the right censor what they do not want to see? Some try cancel it for weird reasons, look at the new Pixar movie 'Lightyear', the right are having a fit about a scene where two females kiss. Ok so, i can see where people are going off as i can do same at times of shoving this stuff down our throats as some of my favourite shows do some under nose virture signalling that i roll my eyes but i continue watching anyway as the majority of what i am watching is good. People are downvoting it because they hate it without even seeing it. That is stupid and i lean right myself.


    Though the left find it easier cancelling than the right do, cancelling is not right overall in my opinion unless it is for really bad things. Someone said something racist in the past, ok does it mean they are racist? I mean if they have one tweet and it is racist and nothing else shouldn't benefit of the doubt prevail? I am not going to get in BLM as i think it has it's positives but also media have directed in a different way where it is ridiculous. Jacob Blake is a hero and does interviews and is an activist when he was reaching for a knife in his car and had a warrant for his arrest and had to cops called on him by another black women? It is those areas where if you speak up you get shut down, where if we speak something the left do not like shut down. Either way in some areas the right get shut down regardless and it is not right. Not all the time, but sometimes.

    Instances like Adam Bandt with the flag actually had both left and right people agreeing, again not all but some were agreeing. That is a good thing that people from both sides can agree. If we all agreed it would be a boring world, but at times it good to agree on one thing from time to time. I have seen heaps of posts on other sites that i do not like, especially around election time, all i do is roll my eyes, vent to myself and move on. They can go on TikTok and say this person is this and that and that and that and they are in the right, If i went on supporting that person i get abused and chastized for my opinion in a free country. That's where i do not like the world at this point. If people on the right are to be cancelled let them dig their own grave.

    Long story short, Fong's post i felt was fair, does that mean Super should like it? No, of course not, if you do not like the ideas that is fine and can comment what you like as that is fair, but let us speak as you would like us to let you speak.

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