Getting used to being a real mad-man, an Eels destroyer of the opposition. Nothing like really spilling blood for the cause, especially when you are willing to sever arteris, damage nerves and spill lots and lots of blood. That's the way Shaun. You have proven that you are a real killer and have past the test. 


How Lane almost lost part of his finger


Eels back-rower Shaun Lane reveals how he almost lost a quarter of his finger in an unfortunate accident in the kitchen preparing for Parramatta’s round 18 match against the Sea Eagles

3 hours ago

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  • Good player, really liking the Brown/Lane combo.

    • Agreed. And love how Sivo joins in the foray and how Kane Evans is now monstering the opposition with brutal hits. 

      via GIPHY

      via GIPHY
  • So is this to become part of our Centre of Excellence?

    Kitchen training is a revolutionary idea imo.

    • Especially with the James Bond technology of hidden knives in their boots, deep sleep toxins under their fingernails, irritation chemicals released from their shorts, etc, to destroy the opposition when it suits. 

      • I wonder if there is any long term thinking with the use of Ricin?

        As for the deep sleep toxins under the fingernails, I am sure some of that has backfired on us at times.

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