How heavy will Newscorp go on the Broncos story?

We can all remember how relentlsss Newscorp media (DT and Fox) were on Parra when we breached the cap and the board was a mess etc.

To me this scandal is a worse enditement on a club, but I'll be very interested to see how Fox and the DT deal with one of their own  

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  • I don't know if the rumours are true, but apparently the Broncos players looked happier at training today than they have in 2 years. Read what you want into that.

    • I've no doubt they are over Siebold but the rumours are ridiculous. The personal issues are all unrelated to the club. 

    • Chances are Brett we will never know the truth. Absolutely horrendous rumours but where there is smoke and all that. No doubt whatever is going on a lot has been totally embellished.

      All said and done we should never trust social media or what is reported in the news. Lets ask ourselves who owns the Broncos and Fox?...oh yes News Ltd. Does News Ltd want this blemish on the books ultimately impacting the share price and future investment? And what about the trolls, what is their agenda? 

      Sadly many innocent people are impacted regardless of where the truth lies.


      • Absoutely there's innocent people impacted, Archie. I am very comfortable with my source and I know more that I haven't even seen rumours posted on yet.


      • The flip side Archie is that if the Broncos really want to get rid of him, then in News Ltd they have the perfect platform to destabilize him.

        The Broncos share price doesn't move much anyway because News owns 67% of the issued shares and so the stock is extremely illiquid. The Broncos are a cash cow, but in the News Ltd corporate universe they are small fry. I very much doubt that Rupert or Lachlan give the Broncos even the slightest thought.

    • Wouldn't be surprised that someone aligned to the Broncos management started this rumour to F him off without pay......

  • I was referring to Newscorp garbage heaped on Dan Andrews. 

    • Uncle Rupert and his miminons take every chance to disparage any one not willing to bend the knee to their brand of the free market.

  • Im surprised the broncs handling has been so poor this year, sounds like a few of them have been putting in some extra ballwork.

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