How heavy will Newscorp go on the Broncos story?

We can all remember how relentlsss Newscorp media (DT and Fox) were on Parra when we breached the cap and the board was a mess etc.

To me this scandal is a worse enditement on a club, but I'll be very interested to see how Fox and the DT deal with one of their own  

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  • I think the silence is telling. There were no chances of rumours going around on social media for 2 days in Parra's case because the media (News Corp) was doing that.

  • Once the rumours break they wouldn't want to be beaten to the punch.

  • Embers you clearly don't get the difference between the two situations or you would not  have posted this. The parramatta situation was about a bunch of  shittest men to ever be involved with a footy club who cheated the cap in the most unsophisticated and embarrassing way the game has ever seen, then these same shit men decided to drag the club and it's fans through mud even more when they refused to step down immediately when they were caught out, their were no innocent victims. 


    The broncos situation is a very sensitive and has many innocent people involved including children, the media is no doubt mindful of this and the fact what damage thud can do to the innocent people involved.


    The bulldogs copped it from the media when they cheated the cap as did the storm so it's not as if Parra got hammered  any Less. 

    • I agree with that Frank. A code still exists between journos when it comes to reporting that could adversely affect children.

      Also, if these rumours are true, the Broncos will want to take time to conduct an investigation to afford Seibold procedural fairness before tearing up his contract. That is considerably harder to do if the matter is tried in the court of public opinion first.

      That said, there's a case that could be argued that in conducting a proper investigation into the alleged conduct does make it less contentious (and potentially litigious) to terminate Seibold's contract without a payout on the grounds of serious misconduct if the allegations are found to be true. As a major stakeholder in the Broncos, avoiding such a payout would be in their financial interests.

      It will ultimately all come out in the wash.

    • Frankie haha embarrassing is the perfect way to describe what happened haha 

    • Frankie with all due respect.... this is comparing an apple to a grapefruit... but the media have discretion and the constant is the reputational damage and the economic that falls on a club due to their failings.

      I've been around footy as long as you have so I can see when the media decides to run a hard line on a story or a soft line.

      my point is that there are still deep divisions in the media along the old newscorp ARL party lines and when it suits Newscorp they prosecute a club to death but they are more forgiving of their own and you only have to look at how they've rewritten history when it cones to the Storm 

  • The Broncos may be a cash cow for News Ltd, but Fox Sports & the various publications even moreso. They won’t go easy on them. Rupert Murdoch is a businessman first, second & third, he has very little other allegiances.

    • He’s not dan Andrews they will be fine 


      Get your sentiment - Newscorp equals totally biased journalism and regularly ignore “ truths” to protect ppl and interests .

      • Not sure if you’re having a go at me or not there Carls, lol 

        • I meant to reply to embers lol sorry 

          not today Brett you are free of my wrath at this current minute :-)

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