How embarrsing

Honestly, we do we go from here? Another inconsistent, inept performance. A lot of them looked like they weren't interested in being out there tonight, such a lack of professionalism. With all the players leaving the club at the end of the season, the next few years are going to be tough.

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        • To me it's the fact we have the squad to do it not the man in the coaches box who can unlock the consistency needed to go to that next level.

          • It's hard to watch. So bloody frustrating.

  • BA has no shame. Gets paid millions and dishes out the same fucking game plan. LEARN WHO YOUR OPPOSITION IS, YOU DUMB CUNT. 

    • Hahaha 😂

    • Issue is there have been times where they have gone off the game plan mid game. That is a problem in its own in not trusting what the coach has implemented, or not following through out of desperation which is disrespect also.

      • You're probably right. But in this game, everyone knew Souths would tear apart our edges, and have done so for years. So what does BA do about it? Nothing. It's incompetence that shouldn't happen 9 years into a job. 

  • Lol what a joke of a team 

  • Had Reed checked out? Not one run from dummy half in perfect conditions for someone his size. 

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