How did Alvaro and G Jennings go?

I missed the game and the stats don't always tell the full story. Anyone take any interest in how our reserve graders went in the warriors win?

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  • Gennings did bugger all. Alvaro came on in the second half and ran the ball hard. Thought he was quite good in his limited time

    • Gennings took the ball up strongly all game. As usual he made a couple of errors in reading the game which is his weakness but his effort was very good. 

  • I was listening to triple m and the head commentator was banging on about Alvaro. Loved everything he was doing

  • Alvaro put in. Good effort

    • Mitral I  don't go on stats either. Tigers were disappointing after the effort put in against Eels with so many injuries they played better. Blore showed his inexperience but will improve. They missed Packer who was sidelined by Guthersons milking penalty. Plast me but I know he did and too good a player to do this (Eels best). The Warrior's played with ticker and were very impressive.  Luke Brooks a Dally M halfback recipient 2018. has been given every opportunity over 5 years. Shows hope but delivery poor. Must be one of so few so lucky to get so many opportunities. I get frustrated watching him because its in him. Benji Marshall has taught all halfbacks how to play. I was neutral as I like both teams. 
    • Stop with this milking bullshit. Packer, all 120kg of him, dropped into the back of Gutho’s neck. He didn’t milk nothing. That would of hurt.

      • Yeah I think sometimes people forget they are actually humans. Saying that though they used to show no pain and they definitely don't hold back now if something hurts them.

      • The second one I did not see. The first one Gutherson girs down and bends his head forward. As soon as he dies that Packer immediately takes his arm from behind to in front of him. Gutherson then holds his neck. I been watching a few games and practically all players are turning in tackles to offload. Packer is a tough player but I don't think he does this deliberately. He knows he will get pinged but so does opposition. I didn't record this game but I'd like to know what minute roughly the second one occurred. Was it on Gutherson again? A few teams are told not to milk ever.. Would you like to win a GF on a result of milking?

        • Would you like to win a grand final as a result of milking? Yeah, why not, it worked for that turd Slater.

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