How bad are the Cowboys?

It seems all teams north of the border are struggling big time. However, the Cowboys are terrible! Good opportunity to beat the Rorting Roosters and they blow it with diabolical defence and attack. So much for their big name players. I reckon Paul Green might get the flick.

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  • It would be a good week if around 20 saw Broncos, Titans and Cowboys the only three in the running for the spoon. 

    • Couldn't agree more. 

    • It's the only time you want to see the Bulldogs winning games! haha
      Man, I would love to see a 3-way battle of the spoon between the QLD teams.

  • One flick, and they’re gone

  • The Cows are terrible atm!

    The Rorters had 6 guns out including Jake the Friend for most of the game and still look like the best team in the comp ( w at least 10 superstars still in the side).  Plus it's believed they have another 1/2 a mill in the kitty. 


  • They need a new voice, they’ve switched out to Paul Green. 

    • Agree conceding so many points looks like they have given up, Morgan is big loss but they do have rep players JT, Holmes, Hess and decent team on paper Greens days are numered  I'm surprised other than clubs are interested 

  • What about Canterbury down the bottom of the ladder! Good to see as a Parra fan!

    • Everybody body keeps saying how bad the cowboys are going this year and what's wrong. The main problem is Thurston retired and where have they finished the last 2 years .havent been anywhere what they were when he was around .so I think There might be significant changes right through the place shortly.

      • Yeah, but it's more than that. Their defence is beyond soft, it's like their total strangres out there.

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