• Haha that's funny.

    I wonder how this bloke feels after the game on the weekend? I'm guessing he's looking forward to playing his next game.


    • Well people complain about players smiling & laughing after games, especially when they lose, can't imagine this guy ever will.


      • Haha true 

  • Hahaha.

    I actually feel for the guy, I love the emotion, it matters to him.

  • It's not going to end well for him

    Oh it's been a short but good career.

  • He's actually out for 6-8 weeks now.apparently thats how long it takes for a fingernail to grow back.

  • Imagine what he would have been like during the height of the pandemic, couldn't buy tissues, and the asians bought up all the baby formula, his poor mother.

    • Lol😂😂

  • You know  , one thing for sure  is that  there is no other sport anywhere in the world  at the moment  that will  show  you   such   brutal  competitivenes as this game of rugby league   especially  of late ,  I mean  fmd !  Why aren't  the promoters  showcasing  these  collisions and carnages  and the finesse these  players  show scoring  neck breaking  tries etc , etc , etc  to all corners of the globe  ?

  • "Yeah, well you don't have to spend hours on a fucking bus with Wicky Wuart. Wa wa waaaaa"

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