Hope Springs Eternal

It is not going to be a walk in the park for any side in the Nines. Any side can win it if things go their way. I think the Eels will have trouble against the Dogs in their first match. I hope, not but it has happened before. The Dogs took the Storm down to the wire in a competitive game in Perth a couple of years ago----should have won that first game of the season with a team of young blokes. I will hold my breath the whole game!

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  • Not sure if that is wise Rob, I think the games go for 18 minutes so not sure if you'll make it.

    • Half time adds a few minutes too. If he held on for that long he would end up like the Dogs, completely dusted.

  • We play the Dogs in the first comp game as well, Rob, can you hold your breath for that game instead, it only goes for 80mins.

    • I think your getting a bit excited about this Robert maybe you should  just wait to see the results in the paper tomorrow.

      • Ya de ya!! You read the newspapers instead! The forwards were a nonevent as usual. Remember, I said that we need a  row forward! What happened to all those reports about so and so "training the house down"? That came from the TCT expert! Never been right in seven years. The Eels are still in the hunt but, but... they will meet better sides than the Dogs.

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