HOE, where art thou?

Shout out to HOE. Haven't seen you on here for a little while. I'm not sure if you've been around and I've just mised you, or you have gone MIA. You weekly match previews are a highlight for many on here.

I hope you are ok. Give us a yell if you see this.

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    • Good to hear you are doing well HOE.

      • Thanks, Meelk. I was gobsmacked when you put this blog up, mate. LOL.

  • Sheet, HOE, just when you think the site has been consigned to the rabid margins of the political spectrum, you have to strollllll oooooon iiiiiin being aaaaaall reasonable and shit. Pft, whateverrrrrr. 
    PS: wink

  • A song, for HOE:



    • LMAO, Daz. Too funny, mate. Haahaah. It's so ironic my wife always used to say please wear something other than black, or white. Probably, a nasty side-effect of my laspsed architect days.

  • All the best to you and your family HOE I can't wait to give you a another yawning pig. 

  • All the very best HOE.  As many on here have said - your a classy individual and highly thought of in this mad house.  Scary times with the little one and hospitals at any time are not nice but watching your little angels there is heartbreaking.  I have been there multiple times with my daughter . But you have to have the ultimate show of faith in our doctors and pray that they get better and soon.

    Take care mate - life is no practice run or training session.  You just got to kick to the corners and do your best to stay on top. 

    • You sound like a fabulous dad and I really rate them !!! Good luck to your family x

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