• Nathan has a huge heart and was a wonderful player for Parra.

    Some athletes have special abilities, such as Shane Warne.....what Hindy and Warnie have in common is not just degrees of greatness......they are both qualified for being  "not the sharpest tools in the shed."

  • Hodgson over Hayne is a big call...

    • Hindmarsh never really got on with Hayne.

      • Didn't he called Hayne the most laziest trainer he'd played with?


    • Haha 

      One too many cones me thinks...

    • Hindy and Jarryd have never liked each other, Hindys spoken about it many times.

      He thinks JH was half assed at training and didnt want to buy into the whole team thing, im on NH side here.

      • JH seemed to be a good team player in the rep sides - just not club footy. Just a guess.

  • Fui bench. Hayne wing over Burt

  • Hayne fullback, Semi on the wing over Burt and Fui on the bench, and Ray Price has to be the Captain and Lock. He is 100% a winner and knew what it took to win.

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