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Just heard on the radio this morning, Jarryd Hayne set to re-sign with Parra for a further 2 seasons. Essentially meaning he finishes his career in the Blue & Gold.

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LOL Wiz!!!


Mate bit unfair , Hayne has been solid al year , I’ve heard he’s the hardest trainer and always sacrifices himself for the club .  Hopefully when they name the new stands one is called the Jarryd Hayne stand . 

Heard they’re naming the toilets after him...Haynes Shithouse lol. They’ll have his face on every dunny roll so you can you wipe the smile of his face.

That game not good or great new it is bad news two years F. U. C. K ME I hope for $400.000 the most he only got 1 year left in him but the time the two years are up all the together he be all most played a year he played with all he's injuries 

Not sure Snale my hombre. Actually, it is possible those distractions can work in his ( Parra”s) his favor by tempering his ego and forcing him to concentrate on his football.  He has unfinished business and I believe even at 70% trumps most players.  I predict a move in closer, with an extra forward like role. In fact if we are down in the grand final by a try with 10 minutes left, I would be giving the ball to him.  

Down by a try in the grand final with 10 left.......I'll take that.....even if they forfeit the remaining!

There's always next year!

Lets hope so bro but i can either see him injured for most of the time or some other drama will see him not at his best, or he will find another dream, im not sold on this signing.

Probably play 5 games in 2 years.. Seems like he wants to put in, but can't string a couple of games together without getting injured.

Unless we either have a young gun center and Hayne is holding up his spot or there is a better center on the market who wants to play for Parra without us having to pay overs, then i'm happy with Hayne for another 2 years.

I doubt he's on huge coin and he brings experience.

I think by the time the two years are up he play about 14 games all together and we will let a young up and coming go a good one two

Well if he plays 14 game in 2 years, then that young up and comer will have about 30 games to play in 2 years then. 


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