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Just heard on the radio this morning, Jarryd Hayne set to re-sign with Parra for a further 2 seasons. Essentially meaning he finishes his career in the Blue & Gold.

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Thought Jennings resigned a few weeks bsck?

He took the two year option that was in his favour.

If he can stay injury free, it's great news. I think he has matured a bit.

How much is the big question not how long.

At $500k/year its not too bad - 6 games a year or 12 games for 2 years - that's only $83,333 a game....

As long as we haven't paid too much for him, I don't actually mind. He can cover every position in the back line. However, I am surprised it's for 2 x years.

Hayne wouldnt get a contract anywhere else

I’m glad Hayne is staying with the Eels and I would love him to finish his career with the Eels and finish with a Premiership ring! I still think he’s getting over the different training schedules that he underwent with the NFL and the transition back to League has caused him some injuries. I think however, he will come good.

All he needs is a full pre-season under his belt. Oh wait...

Seen the tweets, 1.2mill a season, 2yr deal

Don’t know what to think , but that sums up my feelings and eels atm .

hoping for good solid footy from him and know I would like to see him

finish at eels too.....

Agreed Carlo are you going to the game tonight

She's picking Will up after the game.


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