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Hayne not wanted at Parra

Speaking too a close mate of Hayne, and Parra/Donnelly aren’t going to sign Hayne for next year. He reckons Roosters....I know what ur saying, but that’s what the story is.

on another note.... he went on to tell me a story how Nick Politis took Cronk for a game off golf, Politis had a 30mtr putt and told Cronk that he would bet him $200,000 that he would sink the ball, bet was taken up and needless to say Politis went nowhere near the hole and Cronk won $200 grand.

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  • Yep bazza you are way off. Hayne will be fullback next year. Already signed, if he went anywhere it's French rugby.

    Politis wouldn't of bet him, would of just gave him the cash.
    • A TPA payment when you don't have one.!?

      While Hayne was a top fullback, he's dropped a couple of rungs since the U.S adventure and GC, sun tanning days, even if he went there which I doubt, who in the backs would he put out, Tedesco has their fullback spot sown up.

      Thus it raises the question of what your informant was on at the time.

  • They’re just a well run club, the Roosters.
    • Plenty supply of brown paper bags

  • Interesting, not sure i believe your mates mail but no loss if true, next years already kuput.

  • Been hearing about the politis bets for years. Is anyone really surprised?  Well run club my ass

    • Don't worry, Todd Greenburg can't see with their roster that something is up.  Scarp the cap, change the TPA rules and make it black and white so that every Club is playing by the same rules.

  • I actually thought Hayne would of signed for Easts when he first came back to Australia. I remember images of him arriving back and Politis was there at the airport to meet him. And I remember he was spotted there a few times after that with Politis. Then when he signed for Gold Coke I was surprised.
  • Hayne in his prime was probably one of the greatest to lace on a boot. Today he is a shadow of that player, sad that he was still probably our best last year that is more an indication of the quality of our squad.

    I honestly couldn't care less really but I think with what little quality players we have we would be better of finding someone better before letting them go that goes for M Jennings , Moses whoever else is being shopped around because if the plan is to replace them with the guys who nearly came last in ISP you think we are shit now just wait. 

  • To start with Donnelly would not be involved......

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