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Speaking too a close mate of Hayne, and Parra/Donnelly aren’t going to sign Hayne for next year. He reckons Roosters....I know what ur saying, but that’s what the story is.

on another note.... he went on to tell me a story how Nick Politis took Cronk for a game off golf, Politis had a 30mtr putt and told Cronk that he would bet him $200,000 that he would sink the ball, bet was taken up and needless to say Politis went nowhere near the hole and Cronk won $200 grand.

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Yep bazza you are way off. Hayne will be fullback next year. Already signed, if he went anywhere it's French rugby.

Politis wouldn't of bet him, would of just gave him the cash.

A TPA payment when you don't have one.!?

While Hayne was a top fullback, he's dropped a couple of rungs since the U.S adventure and GC, sun tanning days, even if he went there which I doubt, who in the backs would he put out, Tedesco has their fullback spot sown up.

Thus it raises the question of what your informant was on at the time.

They’re just a well run club, the Roosters.

Plenty supply of brown paper bags

Toni, I think you will find that Pou is being sarcastic and with tongue in cheek.  He's not the only one and not just from the eels fan base who say it.  It actually applies to other clubs as well, such as one north and one south of the border, and one out on the Peninsular, although there are some visible scabs showing on their wounds and another one along the Railway line between Marrickville and Yagoona.

Other aspect of mergers and wit the new teams you suggest, that will only start the digging of the NRL's grave, rather than just having the plot reserved for it as it is now.

Not this rubbish again.

Mergers don't create stronger clubs, that has been proven over and over again.

And which half of Penrith is going to merge with Parramatta and which half is going to merge with the Dogs & Tigers ?

Forget Fiji & PNG, there simply is not the market size or corporate support for NRL clubs in those areas. The 2nd tier leagues are the spot for those nations, not the NRL.

I do agree with expansion, and I have gone on the record how I would expand the league ultimately to a 24 team league across 2 conferences / 6 divisions.

I think you may have it wrong Tonii Simon - Two teams don't just merge because they are close n one team sucks - eg Panthers and Eels to make a Western Sydney team, we all know eels are $$ stable area/side. Merges happen when teams are not financial. so please stop with this SH1T.

But mergers don’t bring in bigger crowds, they actually shrink the overall fan base. 

Other aspect also is when teams are lost to the top grade crowds also drop in the respective areas.

North Sydney had a fair following when doing well at a very archaic ground, Wests had better crowds at Lidcombe than Pratten Park. Newtown was often sold out and you could not get in Henson park, and they still pull some reasonable crowds but nothing like they used to. Balmain was more often than not, especially when doing well chockers at Leichardt.

How many supporters of those folded/merged teams no longer follow NRL? Its the same with the loss of many clubs in the old Second Division, Brisbane area since Bronco's have less teams in their previously strong RL comp.

Mergers really have achieved little, I would even suggest the Wests/Tigers merge gets old Balmain Supporters when they play at Leichardt, but when they play at Campbelltown, they get some of the old Wests supporters but they have likely got a new ones from the local area.  With Leichardt being closer to their roots at Ashfield/Pratten Park they would support the team at Leichardt though, not as far as the crow flies, but maggies may be a bit far.

If mergers take place again in Sydney, it will hand both soccer and AFL new supporters on a plate.  It will affect what's left of the old second division, now ISP, along with the Junior RL as well, something that is to be seriously considered.

Exactly Brett, the Superleague was almost killed the game and then the created mergers kept plenty of fans away.  If the Eels were forced to merge and kicked out of the comp that would be me done with RL.

Alan, I along with many are with you on that, it will certainly end my support for RL if the eels merge, I told the emperor that outside the leagues club many years back when he was pushing it, his words were RL was no longer a sport rather a business.

We merge , myself and tens of thousands of others are lost to the club forever . Living in the Illawarra I can tell you first hand I know no less than 15 people that used to follow the Steelers that are not StMerge fans and certainly don’t follow league with anywhere near the passion they used to . A few jumped on successful teams like Broncos and Storm , a few Cronulla , but I know quite  a few that floated and then jumped on The Rabbitohs when they were let back in because they were the underdog . If Parra ever merged I reckon there would be a massive amount that can’t follow the merged Eels and I’m one of them . 


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