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i think Hayne and French will have a good combination this year.

Speed to back up a slow Hayne who has the bulk and skill to go through gaps handed onto French who has the speed to get to the tryline.

Just a prediction.

Hayne winger - French Fullback.

What do you think ??

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i think...

Gutherson Fullback

French Wing

Hayne Centre

When everyone is fit this is the best line up 

Hayne wing outside of takka would be exciting

I tend to agree with ParramAddict on this one. Only concern would be Gutherson’s injury.

Fox sports reckon Gutherson will return between round 1-3
So he may only miss the first round and that's it

Hayne FB, French Wing to start the year, i like French but picture Dylan Napa steaming towards French as the last line of defense, he just wouldn't stop him.... Hayne probably does. The only reason i have Hayne as fullback come round 1 is a superior playmaking ability as well as defensive skills. Gutherson although is fullback ahead of Hayne.

Anyone thinking Gutherson will be fit for round 1 is very much a massive optimist. 

Round 1: 

01. Hayne

02. French 

03. Jennings 

04. Takairangi 

05. Auva'a 

I can just see Hayne hitting French with a trademark cut out ball for French to score in the corner. 

Captan i Defensively  Hayne used to stay well in the goal line as FB in defence and gets to attacking players a bit to late  French moves up quickly and stops or slows big boppers before they get torque. I think these things cancel out each other

If Napa is steaming towards French and French is the last line of defence then others have fukd up and French wouldn't be to blame.....and also the best fullback in the comp (you name him) wouldn't stop him either.

napa wouldn't be hard to tackle one on one for any of the fullbacks he's not fast or powerful if anything had he got into open space he wouldn't know what to do and would more than likely slow up and look for support rather than attempt to take the fullback on 

If Taka isn't in the centres he should be at Wenty because there is no way an Edwards or another middle forward miss the bench for him.

Agree, he should only be on the bench if we are going with a utility and smith isn't available.

agree - I like Taka but may have to miss out with a full side and bench


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