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i think Hayne and French will have a good combination this year.

Speed to back up a slow Hayne who has the bulk and skill to go through gaps handed onto French who has the speed to get to the tryline.

Just a prediction.

Hayne winger - French Fullback.

What do you think ??

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I would start Hayne in the centres for sure

I was liking the moses/Jennings/French combo last year, would not change it.

I would have taka centre and hayne on the wing, however give hayne the Radradra privileges and let him switch with taka during plays and float across the backline as a second fullback, particularly off scrum plays.

If hayne plays centre our wing would just be too much of a massive liability, auvua struggles with positioning both in attack and defence and struggles under the high ball. Hoff would struggle to make any other team. Davis showed in his game last season he isn't of first grade quality. Smith could slot in there but I see him as a fullback/half rather than winger and two small wingers may damage our go forward early in sets.

Defend French at full back, hayne and gutho centre and wing.
French at fullback is good option defensively As he can cover kicks close to line with speed better then others. Majority tries scored through kicks. Fullbacks may get a couple chances to stop player 1 on 1 to stop try but could clean up 5 or more attacking kicks. Defending kicks is more important defensively then big body to stop runaway player. Defending gutho in line out wide means less metres in his legs which coming back from ACL and also means more energy in attack.
French more likely clean up 40/20 attempts as well.

Attack French wing, hayne centre, gutho fullback.
Gutho deserves the fullback in attack on last year's form. Allow French and hayne some leeway to roam at right opportunity and swap with gutho for some set plays if need more speed with French or passing ability in hayne. Will keep defenses guessing as defenses getting better at setting and adjusting for players. By offering different combos in attack by switching players makes lot harder to defend.

fake Midjet I like the different combos thinking. Same goes with Pritchard and King 2 very different styles

Pritchard enthusiasm is perfect off bench to lift intensity. Bring Edwards on at 20 min mark as he does same as Kaysa and lift tempo. Then bring Kaysa on 30-35 min mark to keep pace of game up at end of half.

And playing shorter minutes, neither Pritchard nor King (or Smith) becomes a defensive liability.

Hayne won't be on the wing ( or 5/8 or lock). I think he'll be in the No. 1. 

He will be centre

At Surfers for a break, if you ever thought that they didn't like Hayne , then don't talk to anyone. To say they think he is a shifty, untrustworthy layabout is short of their real opinion

They  obviously want him to fail big time, tried to explain that they should look at the NRL CEO and his iffy manager, but made no difference, really ticked off and want nothing but for him to have a real bad year. Just got a feeling he is going to brain it, let's see.

Hayne at fullback drawing in the opposition centre and throwing a long cut out pass to an unmarked French.  Hayne the ball player, French the runner.  Due to Hayne's size he can play like a second 5/8 and run right to the line prior to passing and be very dangerous.  Hayne at fullback is also a lot safer in defence over French.    

I still think Hayne will play 80% of how footy in 2018 at fullback and I reckon Arthur’s bought him to play fullback. All this talk about him replacing Semi is rubbish. He’s a fullback.



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