Gutho Vs Hayne. Who ya got?

In light of Gutho's stellar season and Dally M contention, who would you have in your team?

Two vastly different playing styles, Guthos all out consistent effort and professionalism vs Haynes game winning talent but hot and cold attitude.

Who do you want as your fullback?

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  • Hayne. On his day, not even Melbourne could fully contain him. He was made for big time games. Much as I do like Gutho

  • Hayne but like you said different style of player. Gutho is getting better all the time. He deserves the Dally M

  • Hayne.

  • Jarryd at fullback. The bloke was a genius.

  • I know its a hypothetical question BUT if Gutho had Haynes' pace it would be a no brainer a bit like ?

  • Hayne

  • Gutho every day of the week.  Team player, team builder, a leader and respected by his peers and coach, then there is Hayne. 

  • Gutho, week in week out his work ethic and team first attitude can't be compared to. 
    Hayne was brilliant but Gutho for me.

  • Hayne was as naturally gifted a player as there ever was, but he had a poor attitude. Gutho is all heart and professionalism, if Gutho had a meter more pace he would be the best player in the game today. So I choose Hayne, you can change a players attitude if you have the right skills, but you can’t make a genius and Hayne was one on the footy field, sometimes. 

    • Agree re talent, but please tell me how he is better for a team?


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