Gut Feeling Prediction

I know that there are many disappointed Eels fans at the moment and I certainly don't want to add to the misery or dejection but what is your current gut feeling as to what will unfold this year in terms of possible changes:

1) The current coach will remain and see out his contract until end of 2022 regardless of results or finals appearances.

2) The current coach will be asked to leave at end of 2021 and Flangan or another coach will be assigned for 2022 onwards.

     * This will result in exodus of some players due to their dedication to current coach

3) The current coach will be given another extension for 1 or 2 years.

4) Something else and if so explain.

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  • 3 he will be resigned till the end of 2023

  • I think we will fall to 6th place and bow out immediately in the finals.

  • 2? Is it dedication only as the coach is there or to the jersey????

  • 2 although not sure about Flanagan nor your predicted exodus.


  • I think he will see out his contract,  unless the club can sign Bennett between now and not long after our season ends.  I can't see the club wanting to pay BA out of his last remaining season even if they decide he isn't the one. The clubs only hope if this situation arises is if another club come along and offers BA a good contract to leave the eels.

    • This reply was deleted.
      • Or broncos

    • Didn't someone report here that Arthur took a massive pay cut for 2022? Therefore his payout will not be as much as say it was if we sacked him in 2018

      • Considering the club has turned a corner financially and have put throwing money away behind them they would see that as a step backwards. 

        • http:/

          Yeah took a pay cut for 2022 apparently, but i can see what you mean by not wanting to pay him to do nothing

          Why Moses is going nowhere, the injury boost Raiders badly needed: Jimmy Brings
          Why Moses is going nowhere, the injury boost that can save Raiders: Jimmy Brings
This reply was deleted.

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