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Why isn’t this bloke getting a go? he is a absolute weapon in attack and defence. Last weeks game against the knight he was the only shining light for Wentworthville but he always gets over looked for parry etc. get rid of TAKA and put this bloke on the wing! Does Arthur have his favourites?

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  • This must be Coneheads alias. Get a life. GL will not play nrl and is way inferior to taka.

  • His defence is awful and is terrible under the high ball. 

    • This ^

      • And Parry’s better ? Takas not getting younger.  I hate seeing all this talent going to waste and not even getting a go.

        • P A R R Y I S N ‘ T A W I N G E R

        • Yes Parry is better

        • He is getting a go Daryl. In the seconds and he is not putting his hand up to be selected in First grade. The ball is in his court so to speak, he has been given an oppurtunity at an NRL club, now he has to shine. 

          For mine, way to many mistakes in his game at the moment.

  • Why is every one hating TAKA I was at the game tonight sat in the front row I watched TAKA closely he made a few errors but he’s a really good player the bloke sets up a try every week from batting it back. He talks a lot too. And I’m the one who gave cone head the tickets not sure he watched the same game as me lol and 196m run is pretty handy look at his stats 

    • Yeah but do you think TAKA is our best backup option on the wing? I still feel his better off the bench or in the 2nd row. Only my opinion  though.

  • Not NRL level, should remain in wenty and not extended.

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