Why isn’t this bloke getting a go? he is a absolute weapon in attack and defence. Last weeks game against the knight he was the only shining light for Wentworthville but he always gets over looked for parry etc. get rid of TAKA and put this bloke on the wing! Does Arthur have his favourites?

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  • Very true. TAKA is a 2nd rower or a utility and probably not the best option at Wing but he hasn’t been terrible like most make out he has been. He’d be hard to drop from the team 

    • He’s also got a lot of game experience, I dare say that’s why BA has kept him in, not to mention the fact he can cover a lot of positions and has been making very good metres from the wing.

    • He may not be a winger, but he is more of a winger than he is a second rower or forward for that matter. I think he is going to be an ideal back up centre when you look at jennings and blakes injury record. If either these blokes get a niggle, they would probably play with it.....Taka gives them an opportunity to rest with a niggle.

  • full moon tonight?

    • How do you feel Daryl......????

  • He has poor reads in defence 

  • Because he lets in more tries than he scores.

    He's a liability in defence and terrible under the high ball

    I'm pretty content with our wingers at the moment. You've got Ferguson on one wing and Sivo on the other, not sure how Greg would ever come remotely close to getting a look into making the top 17

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