For some! This year we are all the same age. We are all the same---erk!!

Take the year you were born ans add to it how old you are. The answer will be 2019!! For examle I am 86 years old and I was born in 1933. Add the to gether and the answer is 2019! For everyone! This comes from the mystical valleys of old Welsh folk lore---The Lloyds are related to these weidoes--- much to my chraing. But to be happy we have won sonething this year!! Wont the TCT fantisize about that.

If you want nore of these momentus trueths from the ilse of yore it will cost you big money---real big.

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      • MUM!!!

  • This blog is one of those little golden mathematical nuggets you might be lucky enough to stumble across once or twice in your lifetime. Keep up the good work bobby!

  • Robert, my name has Welsh origin also it means “someone who lives near a pear tree”, that’s either very weird or very sad not sure which.

    • There is a Partridge waiting in that "pear tree" silly old bastard!

      "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is an English Christmas carol that enumerates in the manner of ..... The first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge and a pear-tree;

      I was going to post the song as well Sluggy, but you would end up singing it all day and not be able get it out of your mind!

  • Welsh ancestry here also. I bet you can sing Robert. You must love Sir Harry singing this:

    .......and if that didn't bring a tear to your eye, this surely will. The great Paul Robeson with the best ever rendition of the Welsh National Anthem:



    • another version


    • This is how it's done. Just play an introduction and then turn the music off and let the fans sing.....If this doesn't bring a tear to your eye you're made of stone

      • Beautiful Stuff Mark, just played them all for Karen and me......thank god they beat us in the FR of the WC......thinking of that kept the tears back! LOL

    • Parramatta Tragic: Thanks for those. I did get a tear in the eye---100% Aussie but it still affects me! Don`t bet on it that I can sing 

      because I can`t! I have not heard the Robeson version before.He was a unique singer. Harry Secomb I thought I knew well but I see he was knighted--I did not know that.

      I learnd Land Of My Fathers in primary school 3rd or 4th grade.The teacher was Welsh to some degree. My grandparents came to live with us for a short period at that time. Grandad was walking by the school and heard our class singing Land Of My Fathers. That night after dinner he ask some question about how we came to be singing the Welsh anthem and asked my sister and me to sing it for him. I declined because I could not sing and I hated being before an audience. But I have regretted it ever since.  was working in a new area once and a chap there asked my name, when I told him it was Lloyd he said Wesh? He said the Welsh are blond and blue eyed you are dark--do you know why that is? I said no I don`t. He said the Spanish Amarda got wreaked on the shores of Scotland ,Irelandand Wales. Some of them survived and intergrated into the Welsh society. Their complection and dark hair got passed down the generations. If he was right I maybe have some  Spanish genes! 

      I like Katherine Jenkins but could not hear her as she was drowned out by the Welsh football side and 70,000 fans. The Welsh will never stop singing!

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