For some! This year we are all the same age. We are all the same---erk!!

Take the year you were born ans add to it how old you are. The answer will be 2019!! For examle I am 86 years old and I was born in 1933. Add the to gether and the answer is 2019! For everyone! This comes from the mystical valleys of old Welsh folk lore---The Lloyds are related to these weidoes--- much to my chraing. But to be happy we have won sonething this year!! Wont the TCT fantisize about that.

If you want nore of these momentus trueths from the ilse of yore it will cost you big money---real big.

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      • lol HKF Robs been playing us

      • There's something in that for all of us !


    • What's the matter with you guys.....age is the only wisdom on this site.....and before you hit me with a bag of shit.....think of "old bastard Sluggy" he knows everything, can do no wrong and is not even an arrogant prick!......if Sluggy can get over his tattoo fetish he could lead world peace and close down climate change.

      • Saint me

        • Saint defintely has a ring to it!


          • 3653980297?profile=RESIZE_710x

            • LOL

      • I need the Google translate for that one poppa, anyway play on mate! Lol

  • DAD!!!!!

This reply was deleted.

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