For some! This year we are all the same age. We are all the same---erk!!

Take the year you were born ans add to it how old you are. The answer will be 2019!! For examle I am 86 years old and I was born in 1933. Add the to gether and the answer is 2019! For everyone! This comes from the mystical valleys of old Welsh folk lore---The Lloyds are related to these weidoes--- much to my chraing. But to be happy we have won sonething this year!! Wont the TCT fantisize about that.

If you want nore of these momentus trueths from the ilse of yore it will cost you big money---real big.

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  • No - depends if your birthday is earlier in the year or later in the year. For example if you were born in December you will get 2018

  • It is the same every year nothing special about this year, your year of birth plus your age equals current year.  Unless as wile said it can be different depending if your birthday is before or after.


  • Is this post in Welsh ?

  • Anouther robert Lloyd special

    • Sorry robert, I didn’t realise that you were 86 and I’ve taken the absolute piss out of you many times.

      My apologies as I respect my elders dearly.

      • What about me Grunt's.....

  • 86 years old ? Go Robert old fella . 

  • 86! you legend

  • Well done Robert! posting at the age of 86! legend!!

    • All this time we all thought Robert was crazy but actually he is only an Eccentric old bugger.

This reply was deleted.

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