Good News From the Nines

Really liked what I saw -  not joking

At some stage they interviewed Moses and he said   That they needed to get moving forward before passing it around. Regardless of nines tactics this is the attitude they need for the real game. For too long Parra have been trying attacking moves at the wrong time and not setting up their opportunities before striking. Don't care if not good for nines. But music to my ears that they are going to get forward momentum before trying to attack. Is this Joey speaking. Love it.

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  • Agree, not sure why so many are slitting their wrists because of last night. We were too conservative for 9's style footy and that's all. At times our forwards had opportunity to offload but lacked support would be my only criticism. I'm sure we can turn it on when needed. 

    • I agree Adam, I don’t believe we moved out of first gear. Maybe that was the strategy, but it felt like we were happy not to throw the ball around...

      Not sure why we needed to bring a full team to Perth to do that, but we’ll see what happens game two.

  • One out footy hasn't worked for a while in any format, the tactics employed were the issue, not the fact we lost. If we go into the season proper going one out for 4 hit ups we will be bottom 4.

  • The result or tactics don't bother me, I guess the interesting point is managing expectations, its no coincidence that once people talk up our team the result goes the opposite way, another result like 2018 would be soul destroying 

  • W E C: Have you not seen or heard Cooper Cronk explain that the Storm were not trying to score off the first three tackle counts in the set of six?. They were manipulating the defense so that the Storm could attack the holes left in the defense with the remaining tackles.

    No one needed Joey to tell them momentum is needed to attack. 14-year-olds, girls, and boys, know that!

    • Yes but our senior players and coach don't seem to understand it

  • What happens when you are not moving forward and your attack is so predictable that playing the game tactically becomes boring. When things are not working to plan you need to have and do options. That is where the tactical gamesmanship brings in the enjoyment and mental engagement.You don,t learn nothing from doing the same, the same,the same with nothing to show for it.

    • Get off the disco biscuits shawny... 

  • Horses for courses. 
    It's Nines and not NRL. You have to shift to the edges often to create numbers advantages and generally ask questions. You're after a single line break, it's not about completing sets and gaining field position to win the match in the last quarter. 
    we did it once against the Dogs. Gutho jumped in to dummy half, shot down the short side, numbers advantage, try time. Then we never bothered doing it again. 

    • I think it boils down to momentum and errors,  service from dummy would be better if Reed was playing especially with his long spiral passes 

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