God help this site

My lord, i am looking forward to seeing what is said tonight on here. Gonna be a long week of comments, compared to the last fortnight where it was practically quiet on the Western Front.

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    There needs to be an investigation into this shit.

    Oh hold on, we had a review that did absolutely nothing a few years back


  • I'll start sack the fcuking clueless bum BA. When a coach at halftime says he's happy with his team who were currently down 18-6 then he needs to be shown the door.

    • Exactly he's a poor coach to say that

  • Is it any wonder 90% of people on here are so negative.

    • Not saying it will be a bad thing but man it will hostile again haha.

  • Well this is a blog I'll agree with. 

  • Seriously LB. Was THIS one worth it?

This reply was deleted.

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