Game Vs Souths

How do we stop souths? we have a horrible record against them and latrell is on fire.thoughts?

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  • Hope and pray 

  • Pass to Sivo and hope for the best. 

    • What, next to the sideline when he shows up?

      He needs to step up Sivo and get more involved. He's made 6 tackles in 3 games with 2 missed. Less runs than anyone other than Mahoney, who we all want to run more.

      If it wasn't for some of his 1/2 the field runs, he'd also have made the least amount of meters.

  • wrap around play on our right hand side is where most of the points come from

  • Slide. Souths rarely hit the lead runner and almost always play out the back to a very deep backline. No need to jam in. Souths want you to jam in, they're banking on it. Move up and slide, they'll run out of room.

    • Bingo, Mutt.

      I think Jake is going to have a tough night also, Latrell is going to be coming at him at full speed all night. Ice will need to be a body guard.

      • agree

      • NOS, this is a test of fire for JA, Latrell is so good, so multitalented. JA could be burnt or this game could make him.
        I am going to send JA good juju and visualise JA and the boys choking the bunnies. 

        • For sure MB, watching Latrell verse the Warriors its almost ridiculous how good he is. He's come back from that injury / US treatment a whole different athlete which is scary.

          Jake did a good job last week & made some great 1 on 1 tackles of Garrick, but as you said, this is a test of fire for him & probably Penisini also. 

          • thought he got caught out with the sliding attack. he always seemed to run into the opposition plkayer inorder to cover across

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