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Piss poor performance but it's not surprising. Parra have been building to an end of season fade out.

Opacic - I've held off judgement to date as he has been solid in defence but tonight proved he offers absolutely nothing. He gets the ball off a backline shift and is tackled with ease. He should be replaced by penisini next week.

Sivo- yes he can score a good try when one on one at the line but what does he really offer other than that. Biggest player on the field and he looks like he is full of helium when he hits the line.

Jake Arthur - enough has been said about this kid. He's not first grade material and should have at most been used of the bench to give him some first grade experience. He really offers nothing in attack. 

Dylan brown - he tries hard but is clearly not an organising half. I still question whether he is a half at all. Very good player non the Less.


Brad Arthur - what can I say that hasn't been said before.  He has to go. For the sake of the fans the board needs to make some tough decisions. 



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  • In summary, eels are doing shit. Therefore ba 5 year contract 

    • Father son combo deal. 

  • BA time to go and take your son with you. Opacic, Sivo and Lane need to go. Blake can stay but on the wing. Jacob Arthur never again

  • Opecic did a job, but sadly it was not good enough given our overall weaknesses, he is a back up at best and is a Reserve Grader.

    I'm not going to pull the kid to pieces but he just should not have been there. I think Will showed enough to be in the side somewhere whether it is in the halves or even the centre's.

    Ferguson played with that rib injury and was a passenger in the second half with the combination of the head injury.

    The forwards what can one say, other than they had no cohesion in anything they did. Thought Dyllan Brown tried his guts out as did the skipper who must be suffering from a heart that can only give so much. Sivo, he is just a player with a few strong points and not much else.

    I am feeling very sad, because this was also predictable from the time that BA picked JA for the Souths game.

    The oportunity was there with Maranta in the centre's combined with Penisini is our only way forward with Moses back, there is nothing else that will give the "steel" to go through. Fergs will be out next week, Dunster back and Sivo a big kick in the arse.

    We will also have RCG out for quite a while.

    Terrible way to end a season of such promise and it can sit pretty squarely on the coaches shoulders.

    • Well said. Arthur must see the sense in his demise snd walk.

  • chnages needed 

    replace defencive coach also the coach

    sivo needs a reality check cannot run the ball cannot catch the ball and cannot read play

    opacic needs time in reserves to work on his attack

    fergeson dont know why he is back 

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